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    Water Change

    Same here. Tap water, temp matched and treated with Prime
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    Omega One Veggie Rounds

    Good to know, I’ll probably switch over to another brand once those container runs out.
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    Omega One Veggie Rounds

    I just bought some of these the other week and it has the same ingredients listed in the picture. Kelp and spiruluna as the first two ingredients. I guess I got an old container?
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    Plant experiment

    Very cool, let us know how it’s doing down the road. I have often thought about a similar experiment
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    I would still buy some food for your snails. I have a few Nerites that do a great job cleaning up my tank, but I still intentionally feed them as well.
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    Pretty cichlids,

    Very cool, I would love an African tank. Just don’t have the room
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    What is is this white mark on my rasbora?

    It’s not the fungus from the wood, but it’s Hard to say exactly from the pics. Make sure to keep an eye on it and keep the water nice and clean.
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    What I've learned so far

    There are definitely highs and lows in this hobby, but like you said, eventually with some patience you can get it worked out. I also agree, the single most important aspect is to do your research.
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    10 Gallon Stocking Question

    You’re going to be kind of limited in a 10 gallon. Maybe some Pygmy Cories for the bottom.
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    Lost a old member of my tanks today

    Sounds like you gave him a great life. RIP.
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    Why are my plants doing this

    How long do you keep your lights on for? Are You using ferts? Algae is usually attributed to excess light and/or nutrients.
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    Best lighting for 55 gallon

    Have you checked out Amazon? It depends on your budget, but Nicrew, Beamswork, Finnex and Fluval are all pretty popular. I have a Finnex Planted Plus on my tank and love it.
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    Honey gourami and harlequin Rasboras

    I have a school of Harlequins and I’ve never seen them bother any of their tank mates. I think you’ll be fine.
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    What is this snail?

    Bladder and pond snail eggs are smaller than 1/8”. All the snail egg clutches I have seen from mine are groups of 15ish and they are very small. Like 1/32”. Maybe even smaller.
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    Dazed and confused by fertiliser choices

    IME Anubias is a relatively low light plant and does better under subdued lighting. A quality all in one liquid fertilizer will definitely help. I use Niloc Thrive ‘C’ for my low tech planted tank and it works great. Make sure you didn’t bury the rhizome of your anubias.
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    Corys in a bare bottom QT?

    They will be fine for awhile without any substrate. Just make sure they do have a hiding spot to reduce stress.
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    Which is the best plant food?

    Yes, depends on water column feeding plants vs root feeders. You are going to hear a lot of recommendations for a quality all in one liquid fertilizer like Niloc Thrive or Aquarium Co Op easy green for water column feeding. Both are great liquid ferts. Supplement any root feeders (swords...
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    Amazon sword growing roots

    You can cut it and move it. The two with roots are entirely new plants.
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    Goldfish constant breathing underwater

    I agree the template will help a lot. Goldfish do tend to open and close their mouths more than a lot of other species. The floating isn’t normal though. What temperature is the tank at? Tankmates?
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    Danio Problems

    Your tank probably isn’t cycled. Read this: Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle I would do a 50% water change today.
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