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  1. Freshfishguy

    40 Gallon Tank 40g Breeder High Tech Tank Journal

    Thank you so much! Glad you’ve enjoyed it :).
  2. Freshfishguy

    Should I get black neon tetras or just normal neon tetras?

    Rummy nose tetras should be in at least a 20g long, ideally larger. Very active and larger than neons.
  3. Freshfishguy

    Should I get black neon tetras or just normal neon tetras?

    Yeah that would be good. I really like and recommend Liveaquaria. They have a good quarantine procedure before shipping and live on arrival guarantee.
  4. Freshfishguy

    Should I get black neon tetras or just normal neon tetras?

    I would definitely not suggest neon tetras. For the most part, they are one of the most overbred fish in the hobby. I’d definitely recommend black neon tetras over them, but honestly 10 gallons is a bit small for either. A better choice for 10 gallons are either ember tetras or green neon...
  5. Freshfishguy

    September 2021 Fish/Plant/Invert/Coral of the Month

    Male Wild-Type Honey Gourami with Lurking Hatchet Buddies
  6. Freshfishguy

    September 2021 Aquarium of the Month

    High-tech 40g Breeder Community Tank.
  7. Freshfishguy

    Vishaquatics NEW ROOT TABS Official Release

    Wow! This is very exciting. Congratulations on the release, Vishaquatics! I also helped test the root tabs. I’ve used Aquarium Co-Op, NilocG, and API root tabs in the past. I plan on sticking exclusively with Vishaquatics’ root tabs moving forward. I had excellent results with growth and...
  8. Freshfishguy

    Is Monte carlo begginer friendly?

    Monte Carlo is one of the easier carpeting plants. Most carpeting plants aren’t beginner friendly though. They require higher light and more frequent trimming than most beginners realize. They do best in a fine substrate like sand or aquasoil. Also, planting them takes some practice.
  9. Freshfishguy

    40 Gallon Tank 40g Breeder High Tech Tank Journal

    Things have grown in a lot since the last update. I went on vacation from Thursday of last week until Tuesday of this week. I dosed 2 days worth of ferts before leaving, but the tank definitely bottomed out—had the most GSA I’ve had on the front glass when I got back. Other than that...
  10. Freshfishguy

    New To Planted Tanks & Co2

    Nope because how much CO2 gets dissolved in your water depends on the mode of injection (in tank diffuser vs inline atomizer vs reactor), how much is being off-gassed (which can be increased through surface agitation), and the rate of injection (how much CO2 your adding). The longer the CO2 is...
  11. Freshfishguy

    New To Planted Tanks & Co2

    During the day until you turn the CO2 off 1 hour before lights off you want to continue pumping CO2 even while the indicator is green. Honestly though, the best way to measure CO2 injection levels with is with a PH meter and by testing your KH, going for at least a 1pt PH drop. See these...
  12. Freshfishguy

    New To Planted Tanks & Co2

    It’s been said multiple times already, but you should be turning the CO2 off 1 hour before your lights turn off. Overnight, the indicator should be going back to blue or at least more blue than it was in the morning. Do you have any form of surface agitation for oxygenation? Surface...
  13. Freshfishguy

    New To Planted Tanks & Co2

    Have you been injecting the CO2 24/7 nonstop so far?
  14. Freshfishguy

    Two male honeys in a 15g?

    Honey gouramis are the most peaceful gouramis, besides maybe pearls. 15g is not ideal for 2 especially since they are both males, but they should be fine. Just keep an eye out for bad fin damage and that they both keep eating.
  15. Freshfishguy

    Is this a Honey or a Thick Lipped Gourami

    100% a thicklip.
  16. Freshfishguy

    Upgrading CO2 Cylinder

    Yeah, the higher your KH the harder it is to drop the PH. Generally also the lower your KH is, the more sensitive plants you can grow successfully. While PH is a function of several factors, measuring PH right before CO2 comes on and then after 1-3 hours of CO2 injection is the best way to...
  17. Freshfishguy

    Upgrading CO2 Cylinder

    2bps is not high. I have a 40 gallon breeder, and I have a 5lb tank which lasts a few months. I run my CO2 at least 5bps but honestly I’m not sure because it’s too fast to count without taking a slow motion video. I just upgraded to a 10lb tank which should last around 6 months at least. If...
  18. Freshfishguy

    How would neon tetras and dwarf gouramis be in a 29 gallon tank?

    Nice tank! I wouldn’t suggest dwarf gouramis for a couple reasons—there’s a virus specific to them for which there is no cure and which kills most of them. Also, they are really unpredictable in terms of temperament—the best way to keep them in a community tank would be to have them as a...
  19. Freshfishguy

    Carpeting plant for tank with sand

    I’d also recommend Staurogyne Repens. Most carpeting plants will need around 50 par at least though or they will grow upwards instead of along the substrate just FYI.
  20. Freshfishguy

    Happy plants but diatoms and green hair algae >:(

    Also you are getting into planted tanks, you should be aware that PAR is the measurement that is currently best for judging how much light you need. PAR stands for photosynthetic active radiation; it refers to the specific amount of light a plant will receive at difference distances from the...
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