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  1. tuggerlake26

    What type of algae is this?

    My tank was doing great, but now has algae in it. What's odd is it's only in my foreground plants and hairgrass. Everything else looks fine. I had cut back on Excel. Wondering if that did it. It is a dark green, kind of like hair, and easy to remove. Any ideas on how to control it aside from...
  2. tuggerlake26

    Fish Flashing After Ich Outbreak

    Details are below. I had an ich outbreak from new fish about 2 weeks ago. I raised the temp of the water to 86 degrees for two weeks. Now I am noticing my fish are flashing- quickly hitting against plants, the glass, etc. Do they have flukes? How can I treat without dyeing my water or impacting...
  3. tuggerlake26

    Best place for apistos?

    I will be setting up a new tank and am looking for apistogrammas. However, I seem to be striking out at most online shops. Does anyone have recommendations for where you've purchased in the past?
  4. tuggerlake26

    Leveling mat under rimmed aquarium

    If I have a rimmed glass aquarium, should I be using a foam leveling mat? Styrofoam? Or should it be placed directly on the stand?
  5. tuggerlake26

    Changing Out Padding/Mat Under Tank

    I have a SeaClear acrylic aquarium that I'll be moving soon. I want to get a new stand that fits it better. That means I'll need to replace the current padding that is between the tank and the stand. I'm currently using Styrofoam. I've heard that actually you shouldn't use that, but my dad...
  6. tuggerlake26

    Moving and Bagging Fish

    I will be moving in about a month. I have moved a few times with an aquarium, and have always used buckets. I feel like it's always really messy. Cue me looking into bagging my fish and transporting them in a box. Just seems like less water sloshing around and easier to carry. Has anyone done...
  7. tuggerlake26

    Saltwater Stocking Calculator?

    Does anyone have a good saltwater stocking calculator? I used to use AqAdvisor, but for some reason when you switch to their saltwater tab and enter fish, only ads pop up. Looking for something similar since I am upgrading my tank size. Thanks!
  8. tuggerlake26

    Holes in Leaves

    My ludwigia has started to get holes in it. The rest of my plants look fine. I will admit, I've gotten behind on dosing since the holidays, and haven't been doing as large of water changes. However, I'm also wondering if it could be an issue with snails? Details are: 40 gallon pH- 6.4 Temp-...
  9. tuggerlake26

    Algae growing on coral

    I've had a red cap montipora for about three months. It finally has started growing quite a bit. However, the last few weeks I've noticed algae started growing in its original center point. It looks like hair algae. I'm assuming the center originally died from my lighting and not enough...
  10. tuggerlake26

    Tuggerlake's Planted Tanks Journal

    I decided to cave in and start a journal on my two freshwater tanks. Both were set up a few months ago after I moved. My first tank is a 40 gallon tank. Currently it has discus, angels, and a cupid cichlid. I had another tank I had to tank downz so will be looking for new homes for the angels...
  11. tuggerlake26

    What's the most accurate thermometer?

    I currently use a digital thermometer that I purchased online. I use the same version in all three of my tanks. I heard the other day sometimes they aren't accurate. I love them because I feel like the thermometers you stick on the sides of the tank are hard to read. That being said, what are...
  12. tuggerlake26

    Cupid Cichlids

    Had anyone else had them? I took this photo of mine today. Honestly he's been on of my favorite fishes. Peaceful and quite handsome!
  13. tuggerlake26

    Slime on Driftwood

    I'm re-scaping my tank and ordered two new pieces of driftwood online from an aquascaping company. They came last week. I have been soaking them in a bucket of hot water (not boiling), every other day changing out the water. One of them still has a slime feel to it. Is this safe for my tank...
  14. tuggerlake26

    Best spreading foreground plant?

    What's the best plant for the foreground that spreads? I have tried dwarf hairgrass, and I can't seem to get it to grow. I supplement with a DIY yeast co2 reactor. I have plants that typically need a lot of co2, and are doing well. I'm guessing my lights aren't enough for the hairgrass. Is...
  15. tuggerlake26

    Need help aquascaping

    So I moved my main display tank in May. Sunset then, my plants have been doing really well, but my aquascaping looks terrible. It's definitely overgrown. I also made the mistake of mixing dark fluval substrate with lighter gravel. I had originally made them as layers to help prevent any cycle...
  16. tuggerlake26

    Removing Plants that have grown too large?

    Does anyone else have issues getting themselves to remove plants that have grown too large for their tanks? I have a red rubin sword that went through a crazy growth spurt in the last two months. It's completely outgrown my tank, but it's so beautiful I'm having problems getting myself to take...
  17. tuggerlake26

    DIY yeast backwashing

    Alright, so I've been running DIY yeast on my tanks for a while now. Just last week, one of them stopped working, and I suspected the sealant than I used on the bottle cap sprung a leak. So I reglued it and let it set for 24 hours. I hooked everything back up and started a fresh batch of the...
  18. tuggerlake26

    20 Gallon High Killifish Build

    I decided to set up another tank after my final black phantom tetras in this tank passed away a few weeks ago. I've been eyeing killifish for a while now, and have only kept them once. I decided to build a killifish set-up from this tank. My plans: 20 gallon high Using existing driftwood. I...
  19. tuggerlake26

    Scraper for Acrylic Aquariums?

    Most of my aquariums are acrylic, and I just set up a new one a few weeks ago. I typically use a plastic algae scraper as these aren't supposed to ruin the acrylic. Well, tonight I was cleaning my new tank. I stepped back and realized I had caused about three four inch long scratches right in...
  20. tuggerlake26

    Are acrylic tanks not flat-sided?

    Does anyone else have an acrylic tank, or are you familiar with how they are built? My afternoon uncovered something either about acrylic tanks in general or issues that I have with my tank structure. This afternoon, I moved my protein skimmer a little bit. I had built a plastic ledge that was...
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