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  1. LadfromLondon

    Something to worry about?

    Evening all, I have noticed warping in DIY concrete block stand. Nothing has been filled with water yet, so I presume this is from the the two central blocks on the second level, where there is no central support underneath. The only weight on this section will be food/equipment which can be...
  2. LadfromLondon

    Oops...It's getting saltyyy!

    It has been some time now since I had an aquarium in my room. Moving towards larger, 100G+ aquariums has meant my setups have transferred into the man cave. I miss being able to look into an aquarium throughout the day. Trouble is, I was running a 29G with an Eheim 2215 in my room several months...
  3. LadfromLondon

    Live Cultures for a Fahaka Puffer

    Hi everyone! I’m starting to plan for my Fahaka Puffer. It will come in at 1” or so, and get around 18” full size. I am trying to plan live food cultures for him/her based on his/her life span. The older it gets, the bigger it’ll get. So far I have thought of the following 1-5”: Pond/Ramshorn...
  4. LadfromLondon

    150 Gallon Tank 5x2x2 Tetraodon Tank.

    After weeks and weeks and even more weeks of head scratching, pondering and second-guessing, I have finally decided. As I start to close the chapter of university for this academic year, a new chapter begins. In the coming weeks, I will have completed my second undergraduate year and I will be...
  5. LadfromLondon

    Pseudotropheus Elegans Acei Itungi ‘Tanzania Black’

    A misunderstanding between myself and the seller meant I got these guys instead of traditional Yellow Tail Acei’s. Anyways, I collected my small group of 6 arrived last night. Roughly two inches They have been placed into my 25G which will also be used as their growout. I’m hoping they colour...
  6. LadfromLondon

    Feels good to be back.

    Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t gone for a very long time, but I sure was gone! Feels good to be back in the company of aquarists. Lord knows I have too many muggles at home. It fascinates me how just browsing and contributing to the odd thread here or there truly takes a load off your mind and...
  7. LadfromLondon

    150 Gallon Tank Torn between two very different setups...

    This tank will go into the man cave. This will be a 5x2x2 150G display, with a 40G sump, maybe larger. Opposite this, there is a 150G tank too (82G Display, 67G Sump) Mbuna tank. My tap comes out very hard, which is great for me. I’ve narrowed the stocking down in this tank to two setups...
  8. LadfromLondon

    Culturing Earthworms

    Has anyone done it? Is it difficult? What size container do they need? Can they be gutloaded with fish flakes/pellets etc before feeding? TIA :)
  9. LadfromLondon

    My first DIY Project.

    Aa far as I can remember, this is the first DIY project I’ve had. Other than the glass tank, I built everything from scratch from the bottom-up. I found it an enjoying project and I definitely learnt a lot on the way, using machines and staining etc. Here’s the finished result :) As a first...
  10. LadfromLondon

    Any experienced large Puffer owners? I have questions!

    Is there anyone available for a discussion on some of the larger freshwater Puffer's? Fahaka's in particular but Mbu too. I had some thoughts I wanted to get second opinions on if there is anyone around! TIA :)
  11. LadfromLondon

    How does my PVC overflow/Sump set up sound?

    I'm planning to do the exact same build for both of my tanks. They are both the same size (82G) and are on identical diy stands. The only difference is one will be a 40G sump and one will be a 70G sump. The height of the tank is just over 19" and the distance from the sump to the tank is a...
  12. LadfromLondon

    Is this Tom Aquatics' Aqualifter Pump?

    Here's the link in the UK, is this it? TIA! Aqua One MariSys 240 Overflow Priming Pump - Stellar AW-20 AquaLifter
  13. LadfromLondon

    I used white spirit on an aquarium. Does this impact the silicone?

    I used white mineral spirit on the outside of my aquarium to clean up the excess paint on the panes of glass after spray-painting the back. I just dabbed it on a cloth and wiped the external panes clean. It's a brand new 12mm rimless 310L. Not been filled yet either. Does cleaning glass with...
  14. LadfromLondon

    Will this scape resemble what I want it to resemble?

    I'm shooting for Cory's (Aquarium Co-op) 800G scape (first link). Essentially a river basin with a long, sunken root of driftwood across the tank. My tank is much, much smaller than his but I'm shooting for the same scape, not the same fish. I found these driftwood roots for sale. My tank is...
  15. LadfromLondon

    Is this fish safe driftwood?

    It's been collected from a beach. It's marked as 'hardwood driftwood' but I've no clue on wood ID. It's roughly 100cm each so boiling it is out of the question. I was thinking of soaking it in some in a food grade bin and dosing salt? 6 x 100cm approx Long ones, Large driftwood pieces | eBay
  16. LadfromLondon

    I need help converting my tank into a sump

    I want to convert this 40G into a sump for my 82G. I intend to build a DIY PVC overflow. Is this distance between the sump and the tank a problem? Would it be better if the sump was on the second section directly above? Other than glass and acrylic, what can be used as baffles? Can egg-crates...
  17. LadfromLondon

    Can softwood plywood be used to build a tank?

    I have enough wood left over from projects to build a 100+ gallon tank. It is labelled as 'structural softwood plywood' and is for exterior panels. If sealed to be waterproof etc, can I use this as an aquarium? Here's the link to the wood. Structural Softwood Plywood CE2+ - 18mm x 1220mm x...
  18. LadfromLondon

    40 Gallon Tank Nano Asian Community in a 40G Shallow...

    What do you guys think? I think when it comes to nano species, the biodiversity on offer in Asia is incredible. I was thinking- School of Espei Rasboras Betta Splendends (My rescue if you've seen that thread!) Female Powder Blue Gourami (Dependent on Betta's temperament) 5x Amano's Cherry...
  19. LadfromLondon

    Logged into computer, can't log in via mobile?

    For the past week or so I've been unable to access Fishlore via safari on my mobile, but my account is still logged into my Mac on safari. I've tried resetting the password but I'm not receiving the emails. Is there anything else I can do to try get back on via mobile? TIA!
  20. LadfromLondon

    My latest rescue!

    He was in a few litres of water, I had to grab him! I'm pretty sure he's a doubletail?
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