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  1. ChrissFishes01

    What are you doing to your tank today?

    Indeed! I like my flowerhorns to have House Cat Syndrome - that belly has almost gotta drag the floor! He keeps on stealing the pleco's food, overnight. When I first got him he wouldn't take anything but pellets... now he'll take green beans and Repashy Morning Wood :rolleyes: This is him on...
  2. ChrissFishes01

    What are you doing to your tank today?

    So, instead of doing water changes (like I should), I took pictures! Cause that makes sense. This guy has already put on an inch or two in the 3 weeks I've had him, I swear: The new Button Polyps are enjoying some sunlight: And I just thought this lens reflection was cool - it looks like...
  3. ChrissFishes01

    Good stocking ideas for 10 Gal Walstad?

    One thing to note on Walstad tanks is that you want to leave yourself much more wiggle room than you would on a "normal" tank. Things are a little more fragile, especially until all the plants have settled in. What temperature is the tank at? That'll impact the species we recommend. Agreed...
  4. ChrissFishes01

    Subwassertang growing help

    I've had literally 0 luck controlling my Subwassertang. It's done what it's wanted to and nothing else, so I gave up, lol. The best that I could say is to treat it like a Bonsai Tree. As it grows, go in with some fishing line and tie the new growth, and rinse and repeat. Eventually, it may...
  5. ChrissFishes01

    Api test kit showing 0 ppm nitrates

    Good! The .25 PPM ammonia reading you got is probably 0 - the API ammonia tests give .25 PPM false positives a lot. Nothing to worry about, unless it creeps higher!
  6. ChrissFishes01

    New 10g salt water setup

    Are you wanting to do a FOWLR, or a reef? A 10 gallon is an okay starting size, but know that you'll be very limited in what you can keep - where you may expect to keep quite a few small freshwater fish in a 10, think more like 2-3 small fish max in the same 10 gallon in saltwater. The basic...
  7. ChrissFishes01

    Api test kit showing 0 ppm nitrates

    Make sure you're really shaking bottle #2. That bottle tends to separate out a little bit, and give innaccurate tests, if you're not careful
  8. ChrissFishes01

    Chris's Pico Pest Reef!

    Here's a video detailing the first two weeks of this tank:
  9. ChrissFishes01

    Clownfish - white spots

    Well, it's not brook - if it was, it'd be more like mucous over his body, and he (and his mate) would likely be dead by now. Do the white spots move or disappear? It doesn't look like normal ich, although the pics aren't the clearest. I'd usually expect them to look a little more...
  10. ChrissFishes01

    Is this long string apart of a plant?

    Looks like it could be bladderwort from the pic, but it's hard to tell. It's generally considered a pest, since it can crowd out other plants very quickly and be difficult to remove.
  11. ChrissFishes01

    First time with otos, fingers crossed

    I've found that healthy ottos will have anywhere from a big "marble" of a stomach, all the way down to just slightly rounded. Anything less than that, IMO and IME, is an otto in trouble. I'd say if they're not actively moving around, they're probably watching for predators and stuff. Mine are...
  12. ChrissFishes01

    What are you doing to your tank today?

    Got a half day at work today. As usual, supply chain issues. The button polyps I got in the mail yesterday are finally starting to come around:
  13. ChrissFishes01

    What are you doing to your tank today?

    Got some macros in :)
  14. ChrissFishes01

    What are you doing to your tank today?

    Just got a notification that my order was delivered. Gotta go home and ACCLIMATE!
  15. ChrissFishes01

    What are you doing to your tank today?

    Look at you - that's the test of a real aquarist. Caring if your glass is clean enough to see through or not! I flip back and forth. Depends on the day. :D
  16. ChrissFishes01

    Betta'sAnonymous new acquisition builds(29g and 37g)

    They end up in the craziest places!
  17. ChrissFishes01

    Why is my Betta stressed?!

    Nice tank :) and a pretty boy, too. The top of the tank is pretty wide open - my bettas always liked having some floating plants/floating decor, so you might try that to make him a little more comfy. Weight will be put on in time - I've seen my fair share of bettas get sick with bloat, and...
  18. ChrissFishes01

    Why is my Betta stressed?!

    Are you seeing him bite his fins, or are you just noticing them looking ragged? I don't see anything else wrong in the template, other than you're feeding a bit heavier than I would for a betta. They're prone to bloat (especially on dry foods), so I always fed lighter, more like 2-3 pellets a...
  19. ChrissFishes01

    Why is my Betta stressed?!

    Can you fill out the emergency template for us? That'll eliminate a ton of questions off the bat :) How long have you had him?
  20. ChrissFishes01

    Where to find Parasphaerichthys lineatus?

    No idea on this species, but I'd watch Aquabid like a hawk. Stuff shows up on there all the time.
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