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  1. PeteStevers

    Current USA reef lighting

    I have recently replaced my lighting on my mixed reef tank and am wanting to sell: 2 Current USA 4126 Orbit Marine IC Reef Aquarium Accessory LED Light Fixture, 36" ($75 each obo) - Lights require a Loop controller module which I'm not including as I'm still using it for my Current USA...
  2. PeteStevers

    Placing Rock Flower Anemones to feed them?

    I'm hoping to find someone that has some rock flower anemone (or I guess any anemone) experience. I made the newbie mistake of adding 3 Ultra Rock Flower Anemones to my aquarium. I say mistake because I later found out that my tank is not mature enough for anemones yet. My tank has been...
  3. PeteStevers

    Bulkhead Connections - How Do You Do It?

    Hey everyone. Looking for some advice. I'm in the middle of setting up my first reef tank. I went with a 40 gallon breeder. I have drilled the overflow transfer hole, painted the back black and installed an Eshopps Eclipse medium (800 gph) 1" Herbie style overflow. I'm using 3/4" for my...
  4. PeteStevers

    Is Anyone Familiar With The Current Usa Loop Bluetooth Controller System?

    I'm in the process of planning a 40 breeder reef tank. I was comparing lighting and ran across the Current USA Orbit Marine LED w\LOOP controller ($99). Looking further into it, you can control light cycles and also control\synchronize LOOP compatible circulation pumps as well. Looked...
  5. PeteStevers

    Snail Identification

    Does anyone know what kind of snail this is? Is it a pest snail? Will it infest my tank?
  6. PeteStevers

    "plant" Identification

    Does anyone have any idea what this is growing on the wood? It was supposed to be java moss but that died off and this started growing in its place.
  7. PeteStevers

    Over Fertilizing?

    I use Seachem products: Flourish (1 cap full\week) Advance (1 cap full 3x\week) Iron (1 cap full 3x\week) Phosphate (1 cap full 3x\week) Potassium (2 cap fulls 3x\week) Nitrogen (1/2 cap full 1\week) Excel ( 1 cap 3x\week) Does anyone know if over using any of these nutrients would be toxic to...
  8. PeteStevers

    Dosing Recommendation For Moderately Planted Tank

    36 gallon bow front moderately planted tank Dual Aqueon 3o HOB filters Finnex Planted+ 24/7se light Fluval Stratum substrate no CO2 injection Temp 75 F pH - 7.4 Ammonia - 0 Nitrite - 0 Nitrate - 10ppm GH - 3 KH - 3 TDS - 420 Bacopa Caroliniana (growing very well - maybe a little pale in color...
  9. PeteStevers

    Hard Water

    Tank: 36g Bowfront Substrate: Fluval Stratum 3 medium driftwood pieces Several plants Fish: 3 large neon tetras, 4 black neon tetras, 2 rosy tetras, 2 otos PH: 6.4 Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 7ppm GH: unknown (stop testing after 30 drops) KH: unknown (stop testing after 30 drops) Source...
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