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  1. ahouseofscales

    10 Gallon Tank Stocking first saltwater tank, need help!

    Hi all! I am finally starting my first personal saltwater tank! I have managed a saltwater culture lab for the past three years so I have experience but I have never personally kept marine species before. I am excited to get started but I need help with stocking! I have a strong preference...
  2. ahouseofscales

    5 Gallon Tank Worm on betta, ID and treatment?

    Hi all. Tonight during feeding I noticed a small white worm on my betta's body. It looks similar to a detritus worm, but longer and thinner, and is clinging to my betta's scales. My betta is acting normally. He is active, eating, and looks physically normal. His poop is normal as well. He is a...
  3. ahouseofscales

    Angelfish pellet recommendations?

    Hi all! I am looking to get a new staple pellet for my angelfish Gnocchi. He is about 3 inches right now (not including fins) and has outgrown my current food selection. So I'd like to get him a larger size high quality pellet to feed. Any recommendations are appreciated!
  4. ahouseofscales

    Where to get healthy Rosy Red Minnows?

    Hi! I'm looking for a place to get some rosy red minnows. I'd like to add a small school (6-8 fish) to my 29 gallon tank. I'm having trouble finding some since most of them are sold as feeders and they aren't in the best condition, and they are technically illegal in Maine so I have to go to NH...
  5. ahouseofscales

    29 Gallon Tank Seachem flourite, caribsea eco-complete, or something else?

    Hi all. I am looking at getting planted tank substrate after using inert sand for the past year. I used to use flourite and I got awesome growth out of it, but it has increased in price since then so I'm looking for alternatives. I have sagittaria, amazon swords, and aponogeton, so nothing too...
  6. ahouseofscales

    Penn Plax Cascade CCF5UL Head Height?

    Hi all, I'm looking at this canister filter for my paludarium build and I'm wondering if anyone knows what the head/lift height is. The enclosure is 6 feet tall and I need the filter to be able to pump from the bottom to the top of the enclosure. Thanks!
  7. ahouseofscales

    65 Gallon Tank Crested gecko paludarium tank mates?

    Hi all, As I mentioned in my thread, I'm building a new, huge enclosure for my crested gecko Asha. It will be 6 feet tall, 2 feet wide, and probably around 2 feet deep, maybe more. At least 1x2 feet will be strictly land, while the front 1x2 feet will be water. I'm looking for something to keep...
  8. ahouseofscales

    65 Gallon Tank Help me design my crested gecko enclosure!

    Hi all! So I'm very excited- I'm getting a giant new enclosure for my crested gecko Asha! It is a used enclosure that was converted from a curio display cabinet. It is 6 feet tall, 2 feet wide at the largest point, and 1 foot deep. It's very well built and I'm excited to modify it for my use...
  9. ahouseofscales

    Want To Buy Large 2 inch+ male angelfish

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a large angelfish to match with my male Gnocchi, preferably another male. I've had him with another angelfish before but she ended up being very aggressive to my other fish so I rehomed her. He has seemed much less active since. I'd like to get him a buddy but all of...
  10. ahouseofscales

    29 Gallon Tank Barley straw for algae prevention?

    Hi all. I'm having a bit of a green algae problem in my 29 gallon tank and I'm looking for a way to cut back on its growth. I am trying to reduce the amount of light an balance nutrient availability but so far what I've tried has not worked. I have invertebrates so I can't use any copper based...
  11. ahouseofscales

    29 Gallon Tank Stocking tank with angelfish

    Hi. I have a 29 gallon that I'd like to change up a little bit. Here is it's current stocking and parameters: 2x angelfish 2x swordtails 4x false julii cory 1x bamboo shrimp 1x vampire shrimp 2x nerites 2x mystery snails pond snails 78F 7.0 pH 0 ammonia 0 nitrite 20 nitrate heavily planted I...
  12. ahouseofscales

    Advice transporting fish, 4 hour drive

    Hi all. On Friday I am moving my two tanks and fish back to college with me. Normally I use a few five gallon buckets with airstones to transport everyone, but I am also bringing my roommate back with me this time so I don't have as much room as I usually do. I decided to bag all of them and I...
  13. ahouseofscales

    10 Gallon Tank Keep pea puffer pair or add one more?

    Hi. I'm wondering if I should keep my pea puffer count at two or add one more to make it a trio. They are in a ten gallon with plants and other decorations to hide in. They are still young but they are starting to show as a male and female. The male is more dominant and is more often out in the...
  14. ahouseofscales

    29 Gallon Tank Juvenile angelfish agression

    Hi! I have two juvenile angelfish (about half dollar body size). They are in my 29 gal planted tank with swordtails and three-lined cories. When I first got them (about two months ago now) they got along pretty well. They only occasionally nipped at each other. Recently though, my silver has...
  15. ahouseofscales

    29 Gallon Tank Tetras or more swordtails? 29 gal stocking

    Hi all! I have a heavily planted 29 gal that I need some help stocking. Here's what I have currently: 7 False Julii Cories 3 Swordtails 2 Juvenile (Half-dollar sized) Angelfish I want some more activity in this tank so I was thinking of adding either another trio of swordtails if I can find...
  16. ahouseofscales

    29 Gallon Tank Double Tank Stand for 29 gal and smaller tank

    Hi! I'm trying to figure out a good tank stand for my 29 gal and another small tank. I've been using a cubby stand but I'd like a stand with room underneath for another tank. I have a standard 29 gal and I am either putting a 13 gal, standard 10, or a standard 5 underneath. I move back and forth...
  17. ahouseofscales

    29 Gallon Tank 29 gallon stocking with mollies, hi-fin platies, and bn pleco

    Hi all, my girlfriend and I are helping redo her dad's 29 gallon. Currently it has turquoise gravel, fake decorations, and 1 fake plant. It's filtered with an HOB and heated to ~78F. Lighting is minimal with a T5 fluorescent. There is air pump with an air stone. I am planning to get a large...
  18. ahouseofscales

    10 Gallon Tank 10 gal stocking with very chill betta

    Hi! I have a ten gallon with a very calm king betta, and I'm looking for some tank mates for him. I know he would do well with virtually any kind of tank mate since I had him in my 20 gal community previously and he got along with everyone very well (he was with fish, snails, shrimp, and...
  19. ahouseofscales

    29 Gallon Tank Upgrading to 29g, possible additions?

    Hi all! So I am finally upgrading my 20g high to a 29g (yay!). I am most likely keeping all of my current stock but I am wondering if it would be possible to add an angelfish. They are one of my personal favorite fish but I have never had a large enough tank until now. Here are my parameters...
  20. ahouseofscales

    Best small live food for betta fry and best jarring technique for juvenile males

    Hi! My lab is working on getting a betta breeding experiment up and running and I am doing some research on betta breeding techniques. I have two questions: 1) Would saltwater species of rotifers and copepods be suitable live foods for fry? 2) Would separate jars or a connected system be best...
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