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  1. Zach72202

    Help me raise my corydoras eggs!!

    Raising Albino Cory's is pretty easy, just takes a while. It'll take about a month to month and a half of good care for them to look like miniature adults. The ones I am currently raising started out on Hikari First Bites, and it worked pretty well. I also used frozen baby brine and Aquarium...
  2. Zach72202

    Planted Tank Lighting For 6 Foot Tanks?

    Thats almost exactly what I have. I have those two, rotala, and dwarf Hygro. They all grow wild with a fluval 3.0 on my 75.
  3. Zach72202

    Planted Tank Lighting For 6 Foot Tanks?

    Do you have any stem plants growing in there? Any light can make algae, but I sell my trimmings to a fish-store when they get big, plus I like how it looks when the plants get large and lush
  4. Zach72202

    Planted Tank Lighting For 6 Foot Tanks?

    So I have been toying with the idea of getting a 125g tank, and I know in the future I want to have 180g tanks, but I also like planted tanks. Does anybody know what lights work good for these tanks? Anything comparable to the Fluval 3.0? That's what light I currently use on my 4ft tanks, and...
  5. Zach72202

    Lelupi cichlids fry tank

    It really depends on the amount and how much maintenance you want to do. Also the actual water volume. For baby fish you need to have food available often, which means often feedings. If you have a big tank they won't find the food as well because it is more spread out, but in a smaller tank...
  6. Zach72202

    30 Gallon Tank Where can I get a Hairy Puffer?

    I would go two routes. 1) Primarily - Go to a local fish store that will custom order things. Like a specialty store, not a chain store like Petsmart or Petco. If you live in an urban area, some stores might already have one, not super rare, but not common by any means to find. 2) Order...
  7. Zach72202

    What causes blue green algae?

    I support using less antibiotics! If it works for getting rid of the algae and its not an antibiotic, and has less harsh effects to the rest of the system, I call it a win. Also, in regards to the cycle, in my experience I have never had a single issue with my cycle dying due to antibiotic...
  8. Zach72202

    What causes blue green algae?

    From what I have read, it isn't known for certain. Cyanobacteria, which is what blue-green algae is, is apparently always present in the water, but only can reproduce when conditions are right. To treat it, because it is a bacteria, I use an antibiotic. Erythromycin (API E.M., or Mardel...
  9. Zach72202

    50 Gallon Tank Lighting for 51 gallon tank

    A few things to note about this. The plants you have listed aren't exceedingly demanding, but very manageable with a quality light. Wattage with modern day lighting doesn't necessarily mean more powerful. A My 120cm Fluval 3.0 Uses 59 watts, and I have a Beamswork light that uses like 90...
  10. Zach72202

    Forgot S Repens in cup for a week, worth keeping?

    I mean you've got two options really. 1. Take it out and it dies. 2. Leave it in there and it either dies or lives. Option two is pretty much the easiest and has most benefits lol.
  11. Zach72202

    Yeast reactor water changes?

    Well after a quick google search and looking at the chemical equation, if you run out of sucrose (Table sugar) then your reaction cannot happen as there is no more food. The ethanol level is plausible to me because rising ethanol could kill the yeast colony due to toxicity, but I hadn't thought...
  12. Zach72202

    Noob questions about my new pea puffer

    Sounds like your puffer may need to be dewormed, but it doesn't look to be in a bad state. The image looks like a healthy pea puffer. I would watch him to see pure white stringy poo and if he looks to be losing weight despite active eating. For deworming you actually need to do it twice to be...
  13. Zach72202

    75 Gallon Tank Fluval 3.0 plant spectrum light help

    Honestly, I am not sure at this point. I have never really had root rot. If you want to learn more about the fluval 3.0 a youtuber named Bentley Pascoe has a fantastic set of videos regarding the advanced modes for it and walks you through how to use it and ballparks some of your settings for you.
  14. Zach72202

    75 Gallon Tank Fluval 3.0 plant spectrum light help

    Honestly, for the amount of plants you have in there and the types, your light intensities are perfect. Pretty much exactly what I would use. I would run it in two 4 hour bursts with about a 2-3 hour gap in between them instead of 11 hours. Just curious, what fertilizers do you use? I see easy...
  15. Zach72202

    Yeast reactor water changes?

    Seems like it could work as your limiting reagent in the yeast fermentation is sucrose. I suppose as you keep the yeast alive, doing waterchanges rather than a new culture could work. If you really want to test it, do waterchanges on an existing culture, and instead of pumping it into the...
  16. Zach72202

    Wondering if Anyone Owns the Fluval Flex 15g?

    I have a marine fluval flex 32.5 and I think the tank is great, though I plan to make mine absolutely hot-rodded with saltwater gadgets for maximum coolness. Stock for saltwater is alright I guess, but this is about freshwater, which its a great tank for it. Honestly, if you want one, get it...
  17. Zach72202

    What Kind of Fish Do You Simply Not Understand Why People Keep?

    'Eels' can be a loose term. In freshwater most eels are just long bony fishes, like fire eels or peacock eels. True eels are hard to come by and usually not very ideal. I do love my peacock eels as an accent to my tank. Its always a treat when they are in the front of the tank. In...
  18. Zach72202

    What is this plant?

    Swords will propagate on their own over time through two main methods I am aware of. One may be sending out a thing that looks like a spike (that's what it is called I think too) that'll go into the sand and make a baby plant. The other way is that it'll sprout baby plants of the side of it...
  19. Zach72202

    Some clarification

    1: You can clean your filter media out every week, but it depends on load. Do you have a highly stocked tank with loads of fish or is it very lightly stocked? Its like saying you drive your car every day, so should you wash it once a week? Well do you drive it 2 miles or 200 miles every day...
  20. Zach72202

    What is this plant?

    Image 1: Too hard to tell for my skills. Seems like something that would look like hornwort or camboba, but not certain of ID. Could be dead guppy grass too. The plant matter is dead anyways. Image 2: Could be guppy grass as well just shoved down in the dirt. If it is really small then yeah...
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