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    Please Share Your Opinions on How to Improve this Scape

    I have a 150 gallon high tech/high light tank. The plants and fishes are thriving, and there is no algae to be seen. But, I feel like it is too simplistic in that it sort of looks like a layered cake in a way. Therefore, it doesn't feel quite as natural as I would like. I'm currently brain...
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    High Tech vs. Low Tech Cryptocoryne Growth

    I thought this was interesting, so I thought I'd share: A few months ago I bought some Cryptocoryne wendtii 'green gecko'. I placed some of the plants in my high tech tank (CO2 injection) and some in my low tech tank (no CO2 injection). Both tanks have the same source water. I use Thrive C...
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    Nemphaea x daubenyana

    Names: Nemphaea 'daubenyana', N. 'daubeniana', N. 'duaben', Madagascar Dwarf Lily Light: Medium-Very High Temperature: 40-90 F (5-32 C) KH: 0-250 ppm (0-14 dKH) give or take Origin: Hybrid of 2 African lilies N. micrantha and N. caerulea Here it is in my 150 gallon (568 liter) aquarium. This...
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    Do Mycorrhiza Have a Large Impact on Aquarium Plant Health?

    I've recently read two books that I found entirely fascinating: Entangled Life by Merlin Sheldrake and The Revolutionary Genius of Plants by Stefano Mancuso. In these books, the authors speak of the mind blowing symbiosis between plants and fungi. Apparently, mycorrhiza have been entangled...
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    Can a Show Quality Planted Aquarium be Kept Algae Free Without Algae Eaters?

    By a show quality tank, I mean a planted tank intended to be a centerpiece in the home. So, in my mind, this tank would have healthy, thriving plants and fishes without visible algae. Personally, I've only ever been able to achieve this relying heavily on algae eaters. And, when I look up...
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    150 Gallon Planted

    I finally got my tank planted--it's taken months. Most of the plant mass is made up by tried and true plants (those that consistently grow well for me). The tried and true plants are dwarf hairgrass, Cryptocoryne wendtii, java moss, and Hygrophila difformis. I have a smattering of some other...
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    Unknown Tetra

    The tetra in the upper left of my photo snuck in with some neon tetras about 6 months ago. It seems happy and mostly schools with the otocinclus. It also never holds still, so the attached photo was the best I could get out of many attempts. Anyone know what type of tetra this is?
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    150 Gallon Stream Tank Stocking Ideas

    I've attached 2 pictures of my newly planted 150 gallon stream tank. The tank has fairly strong current with a gyre pump in the upper left, cooler 74° F water, pH 7, KH 120ppm, and GH 180ppm. The only fish I know I want for sure are Siamese Algae Eaters. I'm thinking I want 5 total species of...
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    20 Long Low to High Tech Transition

    I've enjoyed looking at other folks' tanks. So, I thought I'd share too. This was my 20 long as a low tech tank. I had it set up this way for about 4 years. I decided (with my daughter's prompting) to turn it into a high tech tank. This is what it looked like immediately after planting: It...
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    How to Quiet Loud Return Pumps?

    I recently purchased my first large tank--150 gallons. It has a Seamless Sump with 2 Sicce Syncra Silent 3.0 713 gph return pumps. The pumps are unacceptably loud. Some of the noise seems to be coming from vibrations of the pumps and tubing against the sump, and some from the pumps...
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    Help Me Choose Between Two Aquascapes

    I have a 150 gallon tank on its way (60"x24"x24"). I have the hardscape materials. But, I have two separate plans, and I like them both. The first sketch is a plan for a warm, slow water tank. It will have fish like gouramis and rasboras. And, it will have stem and carpeting plants with a...
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    Does Excess Phosphate Actually Cause Algae Issues? (Open Discussion)

    The EI method, started by Tom Barr, intentionally makes nutrients (including phosphate) non-limiting. Meaning, there is always excess. And, there are many beautiful examples of planted tanks (without algae problems) where people use the EI method. I myself have been keeping planted tanks for...
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    What are Your Experiences with Clown Catfish?

    I have a 150 gallon tank ordered that I am planning on turning into a planted tank themed after swift water habitats in Myanmar. I recently saw the clown catfish, Gagata dolichonema, offered for sale at The Wet Spot. It seems to fit into the tank I'm planning, but I don't know much about it...
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    What are Your Experiences with Stoliczkana Barbs?

    I've been thinking of getting a school of stoliczkana barbs, Pethia stoliczkana. But, I know next to nothing about their temperament or behavior. Has anyone here kept these fish? If so, please let me know about your experiences with them.
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