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  1. MrBryan723

    15 gal stocking?

    It's easier to keep a tank warm than it is to keep one cool. Edit: no betta sorry
  2. MrBryan723

    Pea Puffers with Bumblebee Gobies??

    I would reccomend ghost shrimp first. Puffers actively hunt crustaceans so they might not last long and are cheaper than other species. If they don't bother with the ghost shrimp, then you could probably get another more expensive type.
  3. MrBryan723

    Pea Puffers with Bumblebee Gobies??

    I would get 2 or 3 more puffers and call it good. 10g is a pretty small tank for both kuhli and gobies or any other bottom dweller. I wpuld strongly advise against the killfish or any others that take up the same part of the water column as the puffers. A fair warning either way is if you add...
  4. MrBryan723

    Amano shrimp with angels?

    That's a big maybe. Angels, like most cichlids, like small crustaceans. Amanos aren't really that big, so it's definitely a risk. Beyond that, nerite and/or mystery snails will do a fair job.
  5. MrBryan723

    Looking for a good RO/DI system

    55+ is what i consiser larger. Even 40 breeders.
  6. MrBryan723

    Looking for a good RO/DI system

    A $100 ro/di system isn't going to remove much of anything from a water source. Hot garbage. I have an entry level 3 stage system with a 1.5 gallon holding tank. It was around $250. It takes about 2 days to completely fill my 100g tank, and typical 30-50% changes take around 6 hours. I see a...
  7. MrBryan723

    Trying to setup a No Maintenance Tank

    Yes. Get that betta in a 100g tank with a pretty tight fitting lid and some small aquatic insects maybe. The 20g will lose too much water too quickly for it to work over several months like you want. A few fish in a large planted tank with regular controlled feedings will eventually reach a sort...
  8. MrBryan723

    Just noticed this thing in my tank…

    It looks the most like a pond/bladder snail. The color is a bit off, but the body shape is the same.
  9. MrBryan723

    New guppy stressed?

    What else is in the tank aside from guppies? They are more of a brackish water fish so epsom salt is prerty safe, even if you do the whole tank with some. I wouldn't try to isolate or remove him for a bath tho, as that will for sure cause more stress. What's the tanks Ph amd water hardness?
  10. MrBryan723

    50 Gallon Tank Nitrogen cycle with substrate and plants included

    You can add the plants at the beginning of the cycle or at any stage. If it's a fishless cycle, try to keep your ammonia between 1-4ppm(with wiggle room both ways) I wouldn't recommend using just the ammonia ypour substrate leeches as a good source so I would definitely add some.... What...
  11. MrBryan723

    Goldfish questions!

    Well, it probably would be better, but I don't want to burst your bubble there. Moors are one of the smallest species of goldfish(carp) I'm aware of so probably not. But hopefully someone else knows of a type that would be more ideal. I know for sure comets and koi get way to big.
  12. MrBryan723

    Wannabe fish owner confused by food options.

    I just recently responded to a similar question so I'll put the same thing here. Variety is the spice of life. I will mention the odd one out in the hillstream loaches. Their preferred environment is substantially different enough from the other species that they might not be ideal. They lole...
  13. MrBryan723

    Want To Buy Freshwater Crustaceans

    Cyclopse, seed shrimp, daphina, scuds etc... from a FRESHWATER environment. I recently purchased a variety pack off of Ebay from a reputable seller and they turned out to be for marine feedings... which meant the salinity was way off and I was buying them with the seller knowing they were...
  14. MrBryan723

    Goldfish questions!

    You could. At least a 40 breeder. Just understand that even moors are an Oscar sized fish and I've even pulled some out of local playa lakes around me that are 3lbs.(ignorant people releasing pets) so you will be stunting it's growth a little. Orandas would need something closer to a 75g just...
  15. MrBryan723

    Can real bone/skull be used in aquariums safely?

    What type of bones? If they're big bones or intact bones you will need to drill a hole through them and boil them for several hours to remove the marrow and any cartilage. While they can leech carbonates back into the water, it shouldn't be noticable with a Ph above 7. And while they will...
  16. MrBryan723

    Need help with sensitive matter.

    Just print up some "proper betta care sheet" from online and anon leave it on her desk. No confrontation and maybe she'll get the hint. I do encourage you to use your own materials to print up something instead of office materials tho.
  17. MrBryan723

    Goldfish questions!

    Imo 20g is still way too small. A 29g I would say would be the bare minimum for a single smaller species, but really a 40 or 55 would be ideal for a pair. Activity, no missing scales or other obvious injuries would be thing to look out for. Goldfish do great with plants, plants do very poorly...
  18. MrBryan723

    10 Gallon Tank White Cloudy Water

    And maybe the occasional squirt of some liquid ferts for the baby anubias.
  19. MrBryan723

    Do we have an article on Fishlore that lists the various bottled bac products and what microorganisms they have?

    It doesn't hurt to call the toll free number with questions or comments. I don't figure the ingredients should be too restricted, because as CrackerboxPalace mentioned, a decent microscope would yield the answers. Tetra safe start will get you as far as species with just the label.
  20. MrBryan723

    It’s been a few days and no fry…

    There's no harm in leaving them until they start to get fuzzy. I think an opaque white would signal unfertalized and more of a brownish color would signal fertilized.
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