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  1. TypicalAqua

    Guppy Fry Temperature

    Can guppy fry live and grow without a heater and filter? Can they live at 71 Fahrenheit?
  2. TypicalAqua

    Is he ready to breed?

  3. TypicalAqua

    Betta bubble nest

    My betta stopped making bubble nest that used to be huge. Is he not happy anymore?
  4. TypicalAqua

    My betta breeding aquarium

  5. TypicalAqua

    Betta breeding process

    Hi I've become very interested in betta breeding so I would like to know the process. Is it true they fight first then he builds the nest then he squeezes her a few times and finally she lays the eggs and he takes care of them? Please help me I would love to breed Bettas but also in a safe way
  6. TypicalAqua

    I'll Draw!

    Hi so here you can post pictures of your fish and I'll draw them!
  7. TypicalAqua

    My Fish and Aquarium photos pt2

    sorry bettas not flaring ☁️
  8. TypicalAqua

    My Fish and Aquarium photos

    sorry I'll get more pics after
  9. TypicalAqua

    Figure 8 Puffer in Freshwater?

    I have read the figure 8 puffer can live in freshwater as well as saltwater. If they do please tell me some info
  10. TypicalAqua

    LED and plants?

    Can plants grow in LED light?
  11. TypicalAqua


    Hi my fish has dropsy and I need to find a cure, it's a plate and we separated him from the tank any advise!?
  12. TypicalAqua

    Betta Information Please

    Hi so I decided to get a betta and I would like to know all the info about it, as in what type of food, tankmates, cold or warm water and do they NEED a small aquarium? Thak you
  13. TypicalAqua

    Bettas with Angelfish?

    Hi I'm I new owner but I had experience for a year. I have a community tank with small Angels, Molly, platies, zebra danios, black skirt tetras, Cory cats, and 1 pleco. I was wondering if I could put 1 male betta and 1 female betta my tank is 100 gallons and fully cycled. I hate plants and...

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