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  1. grantm91

    50 Gallon Tank G’s Gold fish adventure.

    Starting a thread for my goldfish, Im not a new comer on FL i have been here a couple of years. Im more saltwater orientated now but have always kept fw too. Two days ago I shut down my 50g fw tank and gave away the guppies. Plan was to start up an angel fish aquarium as I’ve always wanted to...
  2. grantm91

    Eheim Vivaline 180

    I have a new fw tank ! I went with peaceful fish this time. I have a pair spawning pair of Bolivian Rams, guppies and 12 green rasboras. I upgraded the filtration to a Fluval 207 as i was browsing the forum a few weeks back and realized generation 7 was out. Ive previously had the fluval 306...
  3. grantm91

    My Red Sea Nano.

    Im not really new here but Ive been gone a while due to server issues. Ive came back as Ive met some nice people on here, most of which I still chat with almost daily via instagram. Anyway, My Red Sea nano, Its a bit of a diy tank, they come as a plug and play but I got mine second hand with...
  4. grantm91


    Thought Id share this here, on my favorite forum, as nobody else has, I don’t think. Il keep it short, I have a bryopsis issue in my 32g Reef. There is also some GHA (green hair algae), which I’m not too fussed about, I refer to my back wall as my in-tank fuge lol. 6th of February 2018, I did...
  5. grantm91

    G’s 2.5g Pico Reef Build.

    So today I seen one of those little Fluval spec things for just £10. So I grabbed it, intending to sell on. I get home and realize I have a nano light, for low light corals by TMC and some dead Rock. So I’ve decided to throw something together, kicking a few ideas around, nothing solid...
  6. grantm91

    Tis The Season.

    Just finished decorating the house for xmas. Have to share it ! get involved
  7. grantm91

    Coconut Conundrum.

    Got a half coconut here, I’ve been boiling it for 2 days in a pan. Ive changed and emptied the water 15+ times. this is just now, i added salt to the boil to try pull more out of it. I cant believe how much is still there after all that boiling and water changing. Will it ever stop ? Or is it...
  8. grantm91

    Id My Pleco Please.

    I was sold him as a “common” over 18 months ago, he was around 3 inch then. that Synodontis is 3 inch, I’m asking as after this much time would a common not be huge ? Thanks guys.
  9. grantm91

    The Supreme Neon.

  10. grantm91

    Need Some Help With Ich

    Ive zero experience with fish disease or illness, but today i noticed a patch of ich on one of my mollies. The tank is a 55g which has been running a year. Stocking is, 2 firemouth, 6 mollies. I ideally just want to do a heat treatment, i want to avoid meds and salt. I need to know what...
  11. grantm91

    Blue Planet Two.

    David Attenborough's new blue planet is on BBC1 uk. Amazing watch.
  12. grantm91

    Jabeo Wave Maker. Sw Series, Sw4.

    Ive had my sw4 wave maker for three, maybe four months, il waste no time and say that these wave makers are simply the best in its price range, being what il call middle-low but closer to middle price range wise. A straight ️️️️️ 5/5 from me. As you can see the foot print is tiny and hardly...
  13. grantm91

    Winter Flowers.

    Thought I'd share these to see who else is getting some nice color to last through the winter. cyclamens for my baskets. I'll put them in tomorrow.
  14. grantm91

    Fluval Fx6

    The fluval fx6 canister filter, rated for aquariums up to 1500L (400 US G) 3 out of 5 stars ️️️ Ive been running this filter on my well stocked 120G 450L tank since the 8th of may, i chose the fx6 because of how well the smaller 306 has performed for me. This canister is a great size, very...
  15. grantm91

    Silver Dollars Spawning.

    This is a regular thing, check out the chaos it causes haha. dithers that make your fish fight over the eggs. Lovely shimmery fish in the sun, I'm hooked on these.
  16. grantm91

    Tablet Foods.

    I feed mostly fresh or frozen but this caught my eye. Id like to see what others think on this product.
  17. grantm91

    Show Off Your Nano Reef !

    Nano Reef tanks are the best. Show yours off here, no matter what stage its at lets see all the nano reef's! Il start with my old 16G Get all your nano reef's on here to encourage the fresh water people over Ha! lets not let this thread get lost in the archives.
  18. grantm91

    Bubble Magus Qq1

    The bubble magus QQ1 nano hang on the back protein skimmer rated for and aimed at nano salt water aquariums up to 25 gallons/100 litres. 4OUT OF 5 STARS. ️️️️ I received my QQ1 5 days ago and its been running since on my 32g rimless reef tank. The product is pretty user friendly and once set...
  19. grantm91

    32g Reef.

    A video of the reef tank, this tank and the sun make me want to get the JD out even on a Tuesday afternoon
  20. grantm91

    The Classical Oscar

    Boredom got the better of me this afternoon. So i decided to play with my oscar, some classical music and the slow motion on my iPhone haha what a guy.

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