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  1. EmuhLeigh

    Cory Cat Sandbox Idea

    I was doing some research about Cory Cats, when I came across a few people who made "sandboxes" for them if they did not have an all sand substrate. I decided to try it out. I know it's not a real big area, I may end up adding some more sand eventually. I'm getting some cories tomorrow and I...
  2. EmuhLeigh

    Flourite and Cory cats?

    Is Flourite (original) too sharp of a substrate for cory cats?
  3. EmuhLeigh

    Frank the Cranky Cichlid

    A few years ago, when I "attempted" to keep African Cichlids, there was one that stood out from the bunch. I don't know if it was because of his unique personality or the fact that he almost murdered all of his tank mates, but this cichlid got his very own home. I named him "Frank" because for...
  4. EmuhLeigh

    29 gallon stocking question

    Hi! Currently in my 29 gallon planted aquarium I have: 6 zebra danios and 5 cherry barbs.. I want to add: 2 juvenile angelfish and 6 Harlequin Rasboras Can I do this without being overstocked? I know angelfish get big, but I am planning on upgrading when they get bigger. Thank you!
  5. EmuhLeigh

    Newly Planted 29 gallon aquarium (and my first planted aquarium ever)

    Since I'm new to the forms I thought I would share my low-tech, no Co2 29 gallon planted aquarium. It's not much, but I am proud of it. It's roughly 4 weeks old and right now it contains only 6 zebra danios. Filter: Tetra Whisper 30 (Planning on upgrading really soon!) Heater: AquaTop 150...
  6. EmuhLeigh

    Electrical Outlet & Aquarium Safety

    Hi! I am new to the forms so I hope I am posting this in the right place. I recently purchased a double-stand for my 29 gallon planted aquarium in hopes that one day I can have another one on the bottom. I'm just wondering if its a big safety risk to have one on the bottom because of where the...

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