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  1. Dondomingo

    12 hours later..Tanks all clean!!

    So I got up early Saturday and started cleaning. Only took 12 hours straight work. Had to sterilize all the equipment I was keeping and I transferred the fish to a spare tank w/heater and air using tank water. After scrubbing , sterilizing, washing 125 pounds of sand, rebuilding the filter...
  2. Dondomingo

    Feeding. Mr.Spooky (Amazon Ghostknife)
  3. Dondomingo

    Has anybody said recently

    We all have busy lives, we all live in a busy world. Some of us are busy at school, some are busy at work. some...looking at you Rick...are busy at being retired. Some times we over look the little things in life. I think it's because when I was younger I lost a chance to tell someone what I...
  4. Dondomingo

    So doing a bit of reading on Paradise fish fry

    After reading the article I had to go back to the tank and inspect from a different angle... um yah seems they do spawn in the hundreds. What I thought were 40 fry...was just the ones in that corner...well yah there's 40 in that corner, another 40 in the other corner ...and a zillion more in...
  5. Dondomingo

    ICH outbreak and much much more. What a sunday!

    So I have been surprised in more then one way today, been a busy Sunday evening getting these three tanks done at the same time. Found ICH in the 65, cleaning the 125 and ...well wait till you see surprise #3 is. Enjoy!
  6. Dondomingo

    Hand feeding my BGK (Mr.Spooky)

    Here's a quick video on feeding Mr.Spooky by hand. Hope you enjoy.
  7. Dondomingo

    Fish tanks are therapeutic until..

    So Tuesday evening I found to my surprise, two of my penguin tetras somehow made it behind my 3-d background. I retrieved one pretty easy, but the second was up to my tricks. So after multiple attempts to distract him and net him, as I was leaning to my left to look through the glass and aim...
  8. Dondomingo

    Black Knife Ghostfish makes an appearance

    Just a short video as per request for my BKG. I finally just lured him out with some food Hope you enjoy. P.S soon™ i'll be making some videos on a range of fishkeeping topics so any suggestions are more then welcome.
  9. Dondomingo

    Excel, flourish question,

    I've heard good things about excel in use with non co2 tanks helping in the carbon dept and it works as a bit of a algicide, think its worth trying in my 125 gal to give the plants a boost? Thoughts?
  10. Dondomingo

    Dang I should of taken a picture

    Woke up this morning and checked on the tank on my way out the door. O.o. Seems my cories are at it again, there isn't a square inch of glass that doesn't have eggs. My I don't imagine 1/4 of them will be left by time I get home. Tiger barbs were already quite...
  11. Dondomingo

    I heart Dr.Fosters & Smith

    So I called then just called them to inform them I had my first return items (the leaky 36 watt Turbo Twist and the really really noisy Aquaclear 70 powerhead) Told them I'd be shipping them out Friday as I know it's getting close to be over 30 days since purchase. They said "no sense in you...
  12. Dondomingo

    125 gallon tank claims it's first victim

    Think im gonna have to change my name to "water changer of deth". Seems my fish really hate that thing. Was doing a minor change in the 125, to keep the excess nutrients down. If you didn't know, last night was first run on fish in the tank. Ammonia 0, nitrites 0, nitrates 0? PH still holding...
  13. Dondomingo

    Ghost knife fish habitat??

    Looking for a bit of help. I'm looking for a hollow log, half log or something I could use in my planted tank as a hiding hole/cave for my GNF. I'm looking toward the future for when he gets bigger. 10" + Here's the hard part, It has to be something that won't completly distract or look...
  14. Dondomingo

    Think I have an idea on planting but so many ???

    update #4 is processing so while I'm waiting, I started looking at plants again and I wanted to pose this question for you all. Is it bad that I'm leaning toward certain types of plants over others? I'm really not a big fan of huge leafy plants, items that will create a lot of shade for...
  15. Dondomingo

    125 Gallon Walstad Build

    Hey everybody, this is the final thread for the build on the new tank. From this thread I'll be updating with pictures and videos as it comes together. First off I'd like to thank everybody on Fishlore for giving me the momentum for this project & Diana Walstad for hopefully making this the...
  16. Dondomingo

    What a mess

    Ok my front room is officially a construction zone or is that technical terms for it's a mess. I've received the 3-d background I had to take off 1 1/2" off the top. Instead of cutting it down 1/2" on each side I left it snug but I drilled two 1/2" holes for water flow on each side. One near the...
  17. Dondomingo

    My neighbor had to come out to check on me

    Because I nearly squealed when I came up stairs to my patio and saw this there and I don't normally squeal for just anything. Just waiting on the LED's and the order from bulk reef supply now.
  18. Dondomingo

    New Years aquarium resolutions?

    So with the New Year upon us, have any new year resolutions related to fish you care to share? Mine are; 1. Never loan out the QT tank 2. Not get caught without some general medications
  19. Dondomingo

    Shopping list is finalized, sheesh lol.

    Ok, here we go in no particular order, now I know it's not some huge list, but I like to thoroughly research before I buy a product, so I reviewed and researched 6x more then you see listed here. Turbo-Twist UV Sterilizer 12X, 36 Watt Lifegard Aquatics LED Digital Thermometer AquaClear...
  20. Dondomingo

    Needing filter suggestions i'm a bit stuck

    Heyo everybody trying to figure this out and you know me I tend to over think things so I'm a bit stuck. So here's the general idea I have, see if you can help me suggest something for this project. So looking for a canister filter for my upcoming tank but as you know I'm going walstadish. So...

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