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    Help Old tank, new start?

    The liquid kind of API is good. Generally, the strips aren't really very accurate.
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    Help Old tank, new start?

    What do you mean you think the rock is causing the problem? Do you cycle your water? I would actually recommend letting your water cycle and watch it closely. You have a ten gallon so you don't really have much room for allowances when it comes to water parameters. I hope the other users have...
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    120 Gallon Tank Powder Blue Tang. Ich.

    Update: I got him to stay relatively healthy and active and eat but just last night, the powder blue tang died.
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    120 Gallon Tank Powder Blue Tang. Ich.

    Thank you for the suggestions! I actually went to go see my tang today and those two spots that looked like ich last night now just look like spots on his body instead of sprinkled salt. But I'm not too confident yet. I know of their reputation in regards to ich. I'm gonna be keeping a very...
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    120 Gallon Tank Powder Blue Tang. Ich.

    Just the words tang and ich make me cringe already. Well, my dad insisted on getting a powder blue tang for our 125 display tank. It's 6 feet long and the water parameters are almost always perfect. When we got this powder blue tang, he was in a QT tank for over a week. He seemed fine, no...
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    Help! Brownish scum!

    I believe your tank is cycling. Have you checked your water parameters yet? I had this problem while I was cycling. You need to make sure your water has completely cycled before adding fish in your tank so you don't lose them.
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    Possible Saltwater Tank?

    I don't recommend moving your tanks so much. It will stress out your fish and as the others mentioned, you will go through mini cycles a lot. It's really a pain. It's more sensitive than freshwater fish. As for the tank size, I would say the bigger, the better. Like they've mentioned, you...
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    Question Reef Octopus NW-150 newly installed

    Hi. I just installed my Reef Octopus NW 150 in-sump skimmer. It overflowed on me twice and I just got the water level down to where it doesn't reach the collection cup. Is that too low? It's not overflowing anymore and it seems like it's pretty stable now. What happens when I do a water...
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    Correct Advice From LFS?

    All of those sound good. I do suggest a sump too, though. I have a sump and it saves you troubles. You can treat the water from there and do your top offs and make sure your water level is good. It also adds gallons of water to your display. I'm pretty sure my sump holds between 25-30 gallons...
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    brown algae

    It's common. Mine cleared up on its own once my water parameters were getting more and more stable and my cycle was finishing up. Nothing to worry about.
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    Help Diatoms taking over my tank

    I will. Thank you. How do I clean up the diatoms after, though? It's alllll over my tank and my rocks. It's almost scary. Will they clear up on their own, even the ones on the rocks?
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    Help Diatoms taking over my tank

    I haven't tested yet but I should be able to test tomorrow, if not Tuesday. I should be towards the end. I'll give it a few more days or the end of the week until the end. I'm hoping to be able to add CUC soon because I really want my tank to be clean. I'm also going to be getting a skimmer very...
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    Help Diatoms taking over my tank

    Is it safe to do a water change now that my cycle is not done yet? My LFS is making me go back in on Saturday or Sunday for a water test. I'm in the middle of a cycle but I'm guessing towards the end since I have diatoms.
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    Help Diatoms taking over my tank

    I don't have an RO unit. I've just purchased everything besides the skimmer and I don't really have any money to spend on a unit after $3000+ on the tank and the contents.. Is there any other way? And as far as I know, my tap water is of good quality. Thank you.
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    Help Diatoms taking over my tank

    I am still cycling my 125 gallon and currently, diatoms are taking over my tank and rocks. I know that they appear during the end of the cycle, but they are covering everything. To the point that the tank looks disgusting. LFS said I don't necessarily need a protein skimmer yet because I am...
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    So Excited!!

    That's really cool! Good luck on picking out your fish! I hope you get what you want.
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    120 Gallon Tank First time set up

    Oh wow that is a lottt. I bought one fixture today that was a T5 HO. I'll be getting more. I added 40 more pounds of live sand to achieve the 2 inch sand bed but I imagine I'm gonna need more. I need to wait for the water to clear up so I can see better.
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    120 Gallon Tank First time set up

    Do you know where I can order them?
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    aragonite reef sand (rinse it or dump ot in)

    Yeah I turned mine off. It got really cloudy but it cleared up today, except I was trying to level it out so it got cloudy again. I'll finish up later when I can see what I'm doing.

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