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  1. anaugle

    Silver or Zebra Angelfish?

    Stress tends to change their color quickly. My Zebra Angel does it. She's pretty sensitive and a drama queen. LOL It's a good thing she found a mate to protect her and keep her confidence up or I would of thought she was albino. LOL
  2. anaugle

    75 Gallon Tank What will their babies look like?

    Your black Angel is beautiful!!! I hope they turn out like that! I have a marble and cherry face pair that spawn every 14 days. I have like 5 left (from 6 batches) that survived. Good luck with the fry and hope to see pics of them.
  3. anaugle

    is this a real yellow king tiger pleco

    I love the pleco Angel. Very nice!!
  4. anaugle

    5ft cichlid tank

    nice pic!
  5. anaugle

    new member,

    Welcome to Fishlore. I seen your tank and it looks good.
  6. anaugle

    Help Friend for Oscar

    What are your thoughts on some bamboo plants? I've heard you can fully submerse it and it looks nice in the tanks I've seen online.
  7. anaugle

    New Look 4 DIY's 10g

    Great job!! Keep up the good work. What type of fish do you plan on putting in there??
  8. anaugle

    Help Friend for Oscar

    thx for some ideas
  9. anaugle

    Help Friend for Oscar

    I know the tank is not big enough for him. I have a 70 gallon setting up right now. I guess I'm gonna have to get lots of plants for him!!
  10. anaugle

    Help Friend for Oscar

    My tank looks really bare with just my Oscar. What can i put in it that he wont eat? He also likes to re-arrange the plants,rocks and ornaments .It,s a 50 gallon tank and he is 7 inches. Any suggestions???? Plastic plants? Another friend? Larger ornaments? Any help would be great!!
  11. anaugle

    Help Angelfish eggs

    I havent put any of my pics on the new computer yet but I will soon!
  12. anaugle

    Help Angelfish eggs

    I have 3 from the first batch that are getting sooo big. They have takin shape now and are too cute. The 2nd batch i thought they ate them all but I found some on the bottom and saved 10 but I only have 4 left. They are doing good. The 3rd batch didn't make it.They have laid more and now are by...
  13. anaugle

    Funny Nicaragua Cichlid Behavior

    Maybe there is food down there., or maybe he is a she and has her babies down there??How long has "he" been doing this.....for days or for as long as you have had the log? You should try to look in there to see what the fascination is.
  14. anaugle

    Keeping Fish in a dorm room?

    Just a reminder to ya........ Guppies breed like rabbits. So I hope ya have places for all the guppies you are about to get.
  15. anaugle

    Never before seen pictures

    love the pics!!
  16. anaugle

    Help Angelfish eggs

    I've had Mollies which are hard to keep the fry alive. Maybe it was my batch but I had no luck with them. I''ve had Guppies and they were sooooo easy! And I have Yellow labs now too which seem to be going good!! Maybe I shouldn't talk about it or it will jinx it. LOL The baby Angels that are...
  17. anaugle

    Help Angelfish eggs

    Taking care of fry is sooooo stressful. I know it's worth it in the end.
  18. anaugle

    Help Angelfish eggs

    So I think the parents went crazy and started to eat the remaining fry so I scooped up as many as I could and put them in their own tank. Maybe they were mad at the algae eater and took it out on them. So there is approximately 15- 20 fry left. I hope they survive. I put them in a bare bottom...
  19. anaugle

    Help Angelfish eggs

    Yah I know.........I think the 50 gallon is big enough though. Well next lot I'll have to move him or put the divider up again.

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