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    FS - Red Cherry Shrimp and Blue Pearl Shrimp

    Hey guys! I have tons of shrimp in my tanks. I have been selling successfully here in Southern California on Craigslist and I would like to extend my great offers on shrimp to Fishlore forum members. Thanks for looking! Here is what I have: Red Cherry Shrimp at 20 shrimp for $12. They are...
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    Looking for CPOs

    Hey guys! I am looking for some CPOs. The best price I can find is $64 for 3 CPOs shipped. I was just wondering if anyone of you know someone that is selling them cheaper whether it be in this forum, another forum, or a website. Thanks for your help!
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    Calling All Deep Tank Owners - Tall Plants For Sale

    Hey guys! I have 3 enormous plants that have outgrown my 55 gallon. They have been growing in my tank for about 8-10 months and they are HUGE!! They are: Jungle Val...25-30 inches tall...contains several different shoots $20 SHIPPED Priority mail
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    Albino Bristlenose Plecos at Petco

    Hey guys! I have been looking for some ABN plecos for a long time now. I have been on aquabid and searched LFSs all over town. They all seem to be way too expensive! However, tonight I found some at Petco for $3.99 each and I bought two of them. If you are searching for some at a good price...
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    2 Heater Tank

    Hey! So I have a question about the 2 heaters in my 55 gallon tank. They are both 150 Watt heaters and I have them positioned on opposite sides of the tank. However, I only see one of them that goes on and off. They are both working, but it seems as if I don't need the other heater in there...
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    Cholla Wood

    I know that some of you may have found some pieces of cholla wood online at places like aquabid. I was about to fork over their high asking prices until I was in Michaels Craft store with the wifey and what did I see?.....Cholla wood!! 12 inch pieces for $3.99. My red cherry shrimp love them...
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    My MTS Planted

    Here is my 55G Planted: My 29G Tetra Tank Planted My 10G Red Cherry Shrimp Tank Planted My 5G Blue Pearl Shrimp Tank Planted
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    Calling all Eheim Classic 2215 Canister Filter Owners

    I just bought one from Big Als for $99 and this will be my first canister filter. I read up a lot about canister filters and it seemed like you couldnt go wrong with Eheim filters. If you own one of these filters, then could you please share some insight about them. Thanks guys!
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    Got the new iPhone...any cool fish/aquarium apps?

    Hey guys! I got the new iPhone last Thursday and I am a first time iPhone user. Are there any cool fish or aquarium apps out there that you like or use? Thanks for the responses!
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    Aquarium in the new Florida Marlins stadium

    Oh man! This new stadium will be sweet with this addition to it!
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    Linens N Things = Great prices and cheap shipping!

    Hey guys! I was trying to find a heater for my RCS tank a while back and I came across which is the reincarnated Linens N Things. They went out of business awhile back and they are making a comeback. Well, they have an Aquarium section with a lot of supplies with really low prices...
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    Baby RCS w/ Planaria worms in the tank...Help!

    So I left for the weekend and I come back to see tiny cherry shrimp, but then I look closer and see hundreds of tiny white worms (planaria I'm assuming?) How do I get rid of them while preserving my babies. BTW they are super tiny (the RCS)!!;D
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    All-in-one SW Tank or Piece by piece aquarium?

    Hey guys! I just wanted to get your thoughts about whether I should buy one of those all-in-one SW setups like the 29 gallon bio cubes, JBJ Nano cubes, or Red Sea's 34 gallon one, or I was thinking about getting a 30-50 gallon tank and buying all the necessary equipment individually. I don't...
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    Does anyone have any good/bad stories about Aqua Bid?

    I like looking at this site...does anyone have any good stories about the site? horror stories?
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    Look!! My driftwood is an aeration ornament!

    Hey! I just rearranged my tank and I moved the driftwood so the tail of it was in the path of my bubble curtain. Then, all of the sudden, the driftwood started spitting out bubbles. I like it! haha
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    My Aqueon 30

    So I just took the cover off of my filter and I found that half of the inflow of tank water was going over the wall of the filter and skipping the filter media part and going straight into the biological part of the filter. Hopefully this makes sense. I didnt know how else to explain it. What...
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    29 Gallon Tank My First Tank

    Hey guys! I just started this hobby back in January and now I am obsessed! My wife hates it! I'm always stopping at pet stores, Petsmarts, and Petcos. I started with a 5 gallon tank from Walmart and now I have a 29 gallon. Currently I have the following fish in the tank: 8 Neon Tetras 4...

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