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  1. Aloeb1

    Converting a few aquarium to sw

    I have a 37 gallon freshwater aquarium with two tetra 40g power filters, and dirt substrate. I was thinking about turning it into a salt water aquarium with seahorses. I was wondering 1. if I would need new filters and substrate 2. Is a salt water aquarium much more work than a freshwater...
  2. Aloeb1

    At the beach

    So I will be at the beach tomorrow, would it be ok if I collected some drift wood, boiled it then put it in my tank?
  3. Aloeb1

    Angelfish and rainbow cichlid

    Are angelfish and rainbow cichlids comparable? I have a 37 gallon tank.
  4. Aloeb1

    I need some ideas

    Any ideas of how to decorate my new tank. I want live plants and I want it to look natural. Also I would like to see pictures of how you have decorated your tanks. file:///Users/student/Desktop/IMG_3008.jpg
  5. Aloeb1

    Fishless cycle

    I bought a 37 gallon tank and I want to do a fishless cycle, but I have only done a fish in cycle before. I have the filter media from my established 10 gallon tank which i have heard can speed up cycling. What would be the best method of cycling it?
  6. Aloeb1

    How do you move up rank?

    During my time on fishlore I have moved from newbie⭐️ To newbie⭐️⭐️ To fish helper⭐️⭐️⭐️ What did I do to graduate to these new ranks?
  7. Aloeb1

    My tank temperature is too high

    Summer has bairley started and my tank is already too warm. Do I need a chiller?
  8. Aloeb1

    What do you think of this

    I am saving money to buy a 37 gallon tank and I put my proposed stocking into AqAdvisor and it said it is over stocked. What do you think...
  9. Aloeb1

    What do you think about this stocking

    Do you think this would work for a 29 gallon tank...
  10. Aloeb1

    does my lemon tetra have mouth rot

    I noticed this white stuff on my lemon tetra. Is it mouth rat, and if so what should I do? Or is it something else?
  11. Aloeb1

    pleco help

    I am planning on getting a 29 gallon community tank. I know bristle nose plecos can be kept in a tank this size, but I was wondering if there were any other plecos that would do well in a tank this size.
  12. Aloeb1

    29 gallon stocking ideas

    I am getting a 29 gallon community tank soon and so far my stocking idea is 2 dalmatian mollies 3 mickey mouse platies 6 rummy nose tetras But i want a center piece fish. Would an African chichlid or any other chichlid work in this tank?
  13. Aloeb1

    Would this work?

    29 gallon tank I'm going to get a 29 gallon tank when I have enough money. Will I need an air pump? Also would I be able to have a gold gourami in it.
  14. Aloeb1

    While I'm out of town

    Lim going out of town for a few days do any of those white multi-day feeding tablets work
  15. Aloeb1

    5 gallon tank crabs

    if i bought a 5 gallon aquarium are there any types of crabs of lobsters i could get for it.
  16. Aloeb1


    My tank has a setting with just two blue lights, so at night should I use the blue setting or all of the way off
  17. Aloeb1

    Shrimp tank

    If I had a 1 gallon shrimp tank would I need a filter
  18. Aloeb1

    Ghost shrimp

    In good conditions how long can a ghost shrimp live
  19. Aloeb1

    1 gallon tank

    I just found my old 1 gallon tank. If I cleaned it up does anyone know of somthing I could put in it?
  20. Aloeb1

    Fish food

    I have a dwarf gourami, guppies, and tetras should I get brine shrimp, blood worms, or tubiflex worms

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