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  1. peachsonas

    What are your grumpiest looking fish?

    My betta always looked like he woke up 2 minutes before his alarm was supposed to go off. And now he’s mad because he missed those 2 minutes of precious, precious sleep. I don’t have a picture because my camera is terrible and he was very dark. but here are my panda cories, who always look like...
  2. peachsonas

    Sunrise/sunset Photo Thread

  3. peachsonas

    Could I Add a Dwarf Gourami?

    Actually, no. I was looking at some options for a centerpiece fish online and I knew dwarf gouramis generally make better tankmates than bettas due to their temperament but still are colorful enough to see them swimming around :) I actually went to the LFS yesterday to see their selection, but...
  4. peachsonas

    Could I Add a Dwarf Gourami?

    My tank is 73 degrees, so I think that’d be too cool for those, right? They are really pretty though. Oh, yikes. Could I get away with just one, do you think?
  5. peachsonas

    Could I Add a Dwarf Gourami?

    I have a fully cycled 10g with 5 panda cories. I was thinking about adding a single fish as a centerpiece/pop of color. No bettas because the temp is too cool for them, but maybe a dwarf gourami? Could I keep just one, or is it recommended they stay in pairs or more? I’m just looking for a...
  6. peachsonas

    Betta color faded?

    The only other thing I could recommend is monitoring the tank to see if the frogs are doing it, or if he’s nipping his own fins. Also, I’d change the water more frequently during this time to prevent it getting any worse during this period.
  7. peachsonas

    Betta color faded?

    Maybe if you have the space and the means, separating them might be a good idea if you think the frogs are nipping his fins. Do you have any sharp plastic or decorations or anything that might be doing it? If you can eliminate the source of his fins tearing and bleeding, then the healing process...
  8. peachsonas

    Want To Buy Looking for Duckweed to buy!!

    Hi! I can't find floating plants ANYWHERE for sale in my new area. I'm looking for duckweed or a similar small floating plant for my tank... Will pay for a bunch, too! Please post here or PM me if you have any you're willing to part with :)
  9. peachsonas

    What are you doing to your tank today?

    Finally moved the new tank to the apartment and switched from gravel to sand. My panda cories seem pleasantly surprised with this new development!
  10. peachsonas

    Proud Fish Mom!

    Bettas are wonderful! They’re just little water puppies. :)
  11. peachsonas

    10 Gallon Tank Fun stocking for 10g?

    don't think they're considered centerpiece fish, but harlequin rasboras can stand warmer temps and you could get a school of those since they're tiny. I kept a school of 6 before with my betta in a school of 6
  12. peachsonas

    Help fin rot :(

    do you have anything sharp or plastic in your tank that could be the culprit of why his fins are being shredded? Does he bite his own fins?
  13. peachsonas

    Help! Beta fish at bottom gasping for air after change in water.

    Do you have a water testing kit by any chance? In a 3 gallon tank, ammonia and any leftover waste in that little of an amount of water will rise quickly. As you mentioned, a full 100% change isn’t the best idea, because you are removing any beneficial bacteria that has built up from the waste...
  14. peachsonas

    Tank mates for pandas

    Yeah! WCMM would be nice, and pandas could tolerate the cooler water too. :)
  15. peachsonas

    20 Gallon Tank Betta fish with fin rot

    Good morning! the boiled leaf extract should last up to several weeks refrigerated. Just make sure to warm it up a little bit or let it sit out to reach room temperature before you add it to your tank!
  16. peachsonas

    Tank mates for pandas

    not to stray too far off topic, but I thought the minimum group number of cories should be 5-6+ because they're usually in groups much larger in natural settings and they're just more comfortable since they're social fish? just curious about that, I guess
  17. peachsonas

    20 Gallon Tank Betta fish with fin rot

    You can if you want to, but it's not required to do a water change before adding your almond leaves/almond leaf extract!
  18. peachsonas

    20 Gallon Tank Betta fish with fin rot

    Hi there! You're already doing a good thing by staying on top of the water changes. Clean water is usually the perfect remedy for fin rot and the rot on your betta doesn't look too severe. You can add almond leaves, I'd recommend that over Stress Coat. You could even make an extract from the...
  19. peachsonas

    My female betta chases the other one when lights are off

    that could end badly if you don't have proper cover or enough space for both of them to have their own areas.
  20. peachsonas

    Fish Facial recognition?

    my bettas definitely could tell the difference between me and my boyfriend! we do look drastically different, so that could be it. my red betta pepsi definitely favored my boyfriend in the sense that he would never run away from his hand tracing the side of the tank. even though that was NOT the...
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