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  1. peachsonas

    Could I Add a Dwarf Gourami?

    I have a fully cycled 10g with 5 panda cories. I was thinking about adding a single fish as a centerpiece/pop of color. No bettas because the temp is too cool for them, but maybe a dwarf gourami? Could I keep just one, or is it recommended they stay in pairs or more? I’m just looking for a...
  2. peachsonas

    Want To Buy Looking for Duckweed to buy!!

    Hi! I can't find floating plants ANYWHERE for sale in my new area. I'm looking for duckweed or a similar small floating plant for my tank... Will pay for a bunch, too! Please post here or PM me if you have any you're willing to part with :)
  3. peachsonas

    Emergency! Betta Attacked and Might not make it

    Tank What is the water volume of the tank? 10 Gallons How long has the tank been running? A month, but seeded from my old tank Does it have a filter? Yes Does it have a heater? Yes What is the water temperature? 82 What is the entire stocking of this tank? (Please list all fish and inverts.) Two...
  4. peachsonas

    What Tail Type Is This??

    When I got Pepsi, he wasn’t labeled. He’s not a veil tail because my other betta is and there’s a dramatic difference in their tails. His tail is full even when not flared out. What tail type?? Rosetail??
  5. peachsonas

    A little heavy handed with the feeding syringe.

    You know when you’re trying to be extra careful and your arm just jerks wildly and disaster ensues? Yeah. Lol. My thumb jerked down on the syringe, frozen brine shrimp everywhere. First reaction is to jerk my arm back, knocking the tank divider askew. Hence the bald spot of tank bottom near my...
  6. peachsonas

    Fun Fish Related Piece for School

    A zany piece I came up with for my Creating Visual Mood course. Of course I had to make it betta themed and super silly! :P
  7. peachsonas

    Feeling like im being watched

    Can a mod change the title to “feeling like I’m being watched” ? My phone glitched out and posted before I finished the post. Lol I look up from doing homework to see two little fiends staring me down!
  8. peachsonas

    S.I.P. Olive :(

    I’ve been so busy I haven’t even had time to process this properly. But my beautiful little mystery snail Olive died a week ago. I hope she’s somewhere eating all the cucumber her little snail heart desires. Scooch in peace my little snail superstar.
  9. peachsonas

    Betta Unusually Lethargic :(

    Hi, My betta, Oil has been unusually lethargic. Necessary info: Ammonia: 0 Nitrites: 0 Nitrates: 5-10 After moving an hour away from home, I decided to upgrade my 5.5 gallon to 10 gallons. My tank (5.5) was cycled, and when transferring to the 10, I used the gravel, half the water and the...
  10. peachsonas

    Want To Sell 5.5 Gallon Tank and Some Supplies For Sale!

    Things for Sale: 5.5 Gallon Tank (used once for freshwater fish) Tetra Whisper Air Pump Sponge Filter + some airline tubing Hikari Mini Sinking Algae Wafers All together I'll ask for $35 including shipping but I don't mind a little bit of haggling ;) Also willing to sell things separately...
  11. peachsonas

    Meet Pepsi!

    I’m so excited! I upgraded my 5.5G to a 10 and added another male betta! (Divided of course) Meet Pepsi! He already is so full of personality. He likes to lay down, which is new to me because my current betta NEVER lays down!
  12. peachsonas

    Funny Let me poorly draw your fish + inverts

    Let me draw your fish - but poorly. A humorous act of kindness to give you a laugh! Send in your most beautiful or your derpiest pictures for a poor yet funny rendition. :) just looking to spread some laughs!
  13. peachsonas

    How to stop mystery snail from floating?

    My mystery snail is floating constantly, when she’s not stuck to the glass or on some decor. Currently she’s eating, but just floating while she does. She still is active during normal times. From what I researched, snails usually float if the water conditions are poor or if they have an air...
  14. peachsonas

    Divided Tank Question...

    Hi! I've been thinking about my options for tanks and fish and I think I want to stay in the betta area of the hobby. That being said, I've been bouncing back and forth with the idea of upgrading my tank, or getting a completely separate tank for a new betta. My new idea is a divided 10g as...
  15. peachsonas

    Aquarium Conventions!

    I was just poking around looking for an aquarium society or something in my area. There isn’t one, but there IS one where I’m moving to in a week! Then, something caught my eye. CONVENTION. God, I love conventions. I’m a huge nerd, so I’ve been to several conventions multiple times for nearly a...
  16. peachsonas

    The Moving Plan

    Hi! So, in a little under two weeks I’m moving about an hour away for college and bringing my 5.5 gal tank with my betta and mystery snail. I just wanted to run my plan by here and see if this is a good idea + any tips. Since I’ll be driving my own car with my stuff in it, I was going to have...
  17. peachsonas

    Live Brine Shrimp Feeding! Yay!

    Today, I stopped by my LFS after work just to "look around" (code word for "I'm not leaving this place empty handed) and remembered brine shrimp are $1 for a portion! I've never done live food before, but after the experience, I think I'm going to start incorporating live feeding in more often...
  18. peachsonas

    Fin Rot Treatment... Again

    Hi! Here's the necessary information: Ammonia 0 Nitrites 0 Nitrates 5 5 gallon tank with betta and mystery snail. About a month ago, my betta had a mild case of fin rot. With a few daily salt baths, it went away. It's back now, and it's worse. I'm thinking that the stress of the fish-in cycle...
  19. peachsonas

    Possible Ich on Betta

    Here is the necessary information - I think my betta has ich. He has two salt grain like white spots on the left side of his body. He had a couple the other day, but they were fuzzy and not salt grain like. After turning the water temp up, the fuzzies fell off and I changed the water. Now, he...
  20. peachsonas

    Ghost shrimp babies? Help!

    I picked up a ghost shrimp on a whim for my tank. When I got home, I acclimated, drained the old water into a bucket and let my shrimp who I named Maurice into my tank. Well, I think Maurice is a lady shrimp. Because as I was going to rinse out my bucket, I noticed some movement in there. Upon...
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