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    WTB: Cabomba

    well, it's a definite $5 for shipping, but I can go to $8 shipped for 6-8 stems
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    WTB: Cabomba

    I have some...I'll ship 10-12 stems of it out to you for $10 shipped Priority mail
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    FS - Red Cherry Shrimp and Blue Pearl Shrimp

    You definitely can if you don't want to breed them. They are the same species of shrimp and they will breed with each other and lose their unique colors.
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    FS - Red Cherry Shrimp and Blue Pearl Shrimp

    Thanks! I've sold over half my tank of cherries so far and I have about 20 blue pearls left
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    FS - Red Cherry Shrimp and Blue Pearl Shrimp

    Red Cherry Shrimp image Blue Pearl Shrimp image
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    FS - Red Cherry Shrimp and Blue Pearl Shrimp

    Hey guys! I have tons of shrimp in my tanks. I have been selling successfully here in Southern California on Craigslist and I would like to extend my great offers on shrimp to Fishlore forum members. Thanks for looking! Here is what I have: Red Cherry Shrimp at 20 shrimp for $12. They are...
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    FS- NICE fish and inverts

    how many kerri tetras do you have left? Are those hard or soft water fishes? Unfortunately, I have very hard water in California so I miss out on some cool fish.
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    I live in Irvine. Yea, all you have to do is ask them.
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    Hey! Where in So Cal do you live? There is this fish store in North Anaheim that I always go to called The Reef. They give chaeto away for free if you are purchasing other stuff from them.
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    Looking for CPOs

    Thanks Harpua! Let me know.
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    Looking for CPOs

    Hey guys! I am looking for some CPOs. The best price I can find is $64 for 3 CPOs shipped. I was just wondering if anyone of you know someone that is selling them cheaper whether it be in this forum, another forum, or a website. Thanks for your help!
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    Calling All Deep Tank Owners - Tall Plants For Sale

    Yes, there may be some snails, but they are mostly under my driftwood, hiding from my striata loaches. I'll do my best to rid the plants of snails before I ship them out.
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    Calling All Deep Tank Owners - Tall Plants For Sale

    Hey guys! I have 3 enormous plants that have outgrown my 55 gallon. They have been growing in my tank for about 8-10 months and they are HUGE!! They are: Jungle Val...25-30 inches tall...contains several different shoots $20 SHIPPED Priority mail
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    Help Best Air Pump Brand?

    I have a couple of Commodity Axis pumps and they work great. Nice and quiet and better yet inexpensive! Heres where I buy them:
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    FS: baby magenta mystery snails

    Do you have a picture of them?
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    Albino Bristlenose Plecos at Petco

    Hey guys! I have been looking for some ABN plecos for a long time now. I have been on aquabid and searched LFSs all over town. They all seem to be way too expensive! However, tonight I found some at Petco for $3.99 each and I bought two of them. If you are searching for some at a good price...
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    Cholla Wood

    Nope! It's not chemically treated or painted. I did put it through some rigorous boiling to make sure of it, though.
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    2 Heater Tank

    Hey! So I have a question about the 2 heaters in my 55 gallon tank. They are both 150 Watt heaters and I have them positioned on opposite sides of the tank. However, I only see one of them that goes on and off. They are both working, but it seems as if I don't need the other heater in there...
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    Best Canister Filter?

    I love my Eheim Classic 2215. I just bought from Big Al's for $99 shipped!

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