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  1. sabean

    Question How Do You Quarantine?

    I’m planning on getting 2 african dwarf frogs (NOT african clawed frogs) to add to my 10 gal planted tank with my betta. I want to quarantine them first to make sure they don’t bring in any diseases, but I don’t know how to quarantine even a fish. I know you put them in a tank by themselves and...
  2. sabean

    Help Betta With Red Streaks And Finrot

    Please help me!! My Betta Bruce started showing red streaks in his fins today. I’m extremely concerned because he has some mild fin rot which seems to get steadily worse even with better filtration, new planted 10 gal tank, and melafix. Tank parameters are 6 ph 0 ammonia 0 nitrates 0 nitrites. I...
  3. sabean

    Snail Not Moving

    I purchased a zebra nerite snail yesterday but he was sitting on the ground and wasnt moving then and he hasnt moved at all since yesterday. I poked his trap door yesterday and he retreated a bit so I know hes alive, so how can i get him to move around? I have no nitrates or ammonia and i do...
  4. sabean

    New Stock Suggestions

    I recently had to euthanise my betta (rip anubis) and i now have an empty 10 gallon tank. I want to make it a mini community tank with some different shrimp and small nano fish. I like endlers and thought some different colored ones would look cool. Any thoughts?
  5. sabean

    When Should I Euthanise My Fish?

    My betta got super sick nearly overnight and began pineconing and growing fungus and losing his fins. I dont know what happened and i have him in a 2.5 gal hospital tank with his old filter and some api fungus cure. He had pineconing in his whole body but now its just in his rear end. His fins...
  6. sabean

    Whats This Worm On My Java Fern??

    I found this thing floating around on some pieces of java fern. I wonder if hes been cutting up all the pieces. He seems to have white little hairs on him kind of like a caterpillar anyone know what it is? Is it harmful?
  7. sabean

    Betta With Split In His Tail

    Hello so I let my betta, Anubis flare every day in a little mirror and usually he's fine but the other day I noticed a little hole in his fin so I stopped making him flare and it was gone in a few days. I had him flare a bit but not a enough to damage him recently and today I saw a split down...
  8. sabean

    What Kind Of Betta Is My Fish?

    I got my betta Anubis as a baby from petco and I was wondering what kind of tail he has. The bottom looks almost like a crowntail but the rest I dont even know. I was also wondrring if he would grow any more. Its been 5-6 months and he is just under 2 inches, though i think his fins have groen...
  9. sabean

    Eco Earth As Substrate

    Could eco earth used for terrariums be used for a freshwater aquarium substrate with gravel on top?
  10. sabean

    Mollies With Betta?

    I wanted to know if i could keep maybe 3 female mollies together with a betta in a cycled 10 gal. Ive had my betta for a while now and hes still really small (i got him as a baby) so i think his growth may be stunted. He doesnt seem to be agressive and I have a large java needle leaf plant in...
  11. sabean

    What Are Good Tank Mates For A Betta In A 10 Gal

    Size: 10 gal Temp: 80 Ph: 6.8 I have my betta in the tank and I would like to know what other fish would be compatable. The tank has black gravel and a large lava rock in it with lots of java fern. I want fish that will stand out and look good with the tank
  12. sabean

    How To Transfer Betta Into New Tank

    I got a 10 gallon tank and i wanted to know if i should put him in the new tank after i get it planted and the new filter set up or should i wait to cycle it and then put him in? Hes in a 2.5 gal rn and hes still pretty young like only 5 or 6 months old so i dont want to stress him out. I dont...
  13. sabean

    How To Get Rid Of Snail Eggs On Java Fern?

    I have a baby betta in a tank w a small java fern and some bladder snails i have laid eggs on them but i don’t want more snails how to i remove the eggs from the plant without disturbing it or anything in the tank? the baby betta has been in there for 2 days and so has the java fern and i would...
  14. sabean

    Poor Water Parameters

    my water shows that nitrates & nitrites are 0 but i don’t have the liquid test kit for that, ph is around 7 gh is 30 kh is 0. ammonia is amazingly at 0 even after adding snails and disturbing the substrate. i did a water change but there is usually ammonia in my tank anyways when i do water...
  15. sabean

    Snail Food

    hello what’s a list of foods snails can eat for calcium and in general. what are some non-conventional foods that work well too besides spinach and stuff. can they eat broccoli? i have some bladder snails im using to help cycle my tank thank you
  16. sabean

    Tiny Organisms In Tank

    Hi a few months ago i went out and collected duckweed that naturally grows where i live for my aquarium. there are no fish in the tank currently so i was lazy and just dumped the duckweed in half cup of water and everything. I had a water bug that stayed for a week but it died so i assumed...
  17. sabean

    Saltwater Sand In Freshwater Tank?

    Probably a dumb question, but would i be able to put live saltwater sand in a freshwater tank? I’m assuming no but why not?
  18. sabean

    How Many Fish Can Go In A 2.5 Gal Tank?

    Hi I’m planning on getting some fish or snails for my 2.5 gal tank. I don’t know if it is cycled completely but it should be close because i’ve been cycling it for 5 weeks or so. I plan on getting a master test kit soon. I want to get a snail and a betta and 3 neon tetras. Would that be too much...
  19. sabean

    How To Take Care Of Guppies

    hi i’m thinking about getting some guppies but i don’t know anything about them so could everyone just give me a layout of what to feed them, tank size, how many should be together, water temp, what kind of filter, etc etc. thank you!
  20. sabean

    Fake Marimo Ball?

    i got a marimo from a local fish store (they don’t seem 100% reliable but i prefer them over petco) and it is not easily shapeable like people say they are? if i squeeze them hard they just re expand into the same shape. it broke in half today and it definitely looks like a real plant but i...

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