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  1. swervo513

    Tinfoil barbs with other fish?

    My tinfoil barbs are out of control. They seem to be dominating the tank. I have 3 in there with an arowana and a stingray and some other fish. My fish have been more timid since they entered the tank. Has anyone had expereince with tinfoil barbs stressing out other fish? I am starting to regret...
  2. swervo513

    How many tinfoil barbs should I keep?

    I recently bought three tinfoil barbs and they seem happy. However I was wondering what number of tinfoil barbs is ideal for them to be truely happy and schooling. Should I add more or is 3 ok? Thanks Larry
  3. swervo513

    Overflow sucks in fish. Grrr

    I have a small problem with my overflow. It keeps sucking in my fish. I have a few tiger barbs in my 180 gal that have been added after a week of fishless cycle. My question is what can I put there to prevent fish from being sucked in? I tried a mesh net but that just slows down the flow which...
  4. swervo513

    What do you keep with your arowana?

    Hey guys and gals, I am in the midst of building an arowana tank as some of you may know. I am curious to know what you all keep with your arowana. I will not harass you if you have an odd combination. I would just like to know what you have with them and how they are getting...
  5. swervo513

    New 300w ehiem jager

    So, I bought two 300w eheim jager heaters. I used to have an ebojager heater that lasted me like 15 years so I figured I would go with the jager again. I didnt think one would be enough but after reading about them i saw that it said it was rated for up to 280 gallons. Do you think one will be...
  6. swervo513

    Question on guppy breeder

    Hey. I have set up a guppy breeder tank for my soon to be arowana tank. I was wondering if a cory would pose any threat to guppy fry. I was thinking that there should be something to clean up what falls to the bottom. Are there any fish I can keep with guppies that do not pose a threat to...
  7. swervo513

    Can Tiger barbs be kept with arowana?

    Well? can they?
  8. swervo513

    Is there a Good fish species book?

    I am looking for a book that will show pictures of and describe all known freshwater fish with scientific names. Anyone have any ideas? I have been searching with no luck. Thanks Larry This is good but maybe more in dept? I am looking for a book that has each species listed by habitat...
  9. swervo513

    New 180 gal. My stock plan. what u think?

    Ok so I am building a 180 gal tank and plan to add fish by the end of the summer. So here is what I plan to have. Tell me what you think... 1 Stingray teacup 1 Silver Arowana (until it gets too big) 15 Tiger barbs 2 green severums Any other ideas? Feedback appreciated. Thanks Larry
  10. swervo513


    What kind of freshwater stingray can i keep with an arowana? what are the cheaper more common kind?
  11. swervo513

    180 gallon tank thread. Im working on it...

    So I am building a 180 gallon tank starting off slowly and eventually plan to grow out an arowana. Please do not start commenting on how the fish is to big for the tank. I will deal with the issue when I get to it. For now just sit back and enjoy the progression and my photos. I Started with...
  12. swervo513

    Advice on making a wetdry filter?

    So I was looking to buy a wet dry for my 180 gal tank but prices staRted soaring at 600$ plus without a pump! So I decided to make my own. I am going to start with a mag drive 1200 gph. I was thinking of using a huge rubbermaid as a sump. Any advice you can spare on plumbing, overflow box...
  13. swervo513

    Spray paint as background?

    Anyone ever try this? Does it work? Is it a bad idea?
  14. swervo513

    New 12 gallon planted guppy breeder

    What do you think?
  15. swervo513

    Filtration for 180 gallon arowana tank

    Hey guys. So I am considering a black arowana or a silver arowana. I also want to add a stingray and some green severums. I am considering filtration right now and that has become a big speed bump. right now I am considering a fluval fx5 rated for 400 gallons at 607 GPH. But it gets a bit...
  16. swervo513

    Setting up an arowana tank.

    Hello, I am setting up an arowana tank and would like some advice. What color or type of substrate is best? What fish can I put in the same tank? Severums? What plants can I add? How many Arowana can I keep in one tank? How much water flow do they need? Is 125 gallons ok...

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