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  1. Blueyedgirl316

    Moving angelfish parents or the fry?

    Hi guys! I have been doing more research about when to separate the fry from the parents. Other people have experienced the parents eating them at some point. From what I’ve found on the internet it says to remove the fry from the parents tank at around 2 weeks. Right now the parents are by...
  2. Blueyedgirl316

    Angelfish fry! Help!

    Okay so I have these two angelfish who connected very quickly. They previously laid eggs and ate them. This second time around I honestly thought they ate them again. So I get home today and look in my tank and low and behold I have free swimming fry in the tank! (See photo) Mom is definitely a...
  3. Blueyedgirl316

    Parents or no parents in the tank?

    Hi guys! I need some advice. I have many many baby mystery snails. I took the parents out to be cautious. I didn’t want the parents to squash them so I have them in another contain. I have 5 adult mystery snails. I have attached a photo of the babies in there right now. Please let me know if you...
  4. Blueyedgirl316

    Help identifying breed of angelfish

    Hello everyone! I am not sure what kind of angelfish I have. If anyone could identify from the photos I’ve attached that would be greatly appreciated. :-)
  5. Blueyedgirl316

    Clutch size and maybe fertile?

    Hello all! I have some mystery snails that I’ve have for a few months now that I bought at petco. I’ve read a lot about them. I feed mine blanched spinach, cucumber and they seem to go for algae wafers. My questions are: Is there a reason why the clutch would be so small? And from the photo I...
  6. Blueyedgirl316

    Possibly ich? Not sure though

    Hey guys, My angel has this one spot on his fin that I have noticed lately. I think I see a few other spots on the other side of his fin that I couldn’t get a good photo of. They aren’t multiplying and non of my other angel fish have any white spots. ( I have been observing for at least 2 weeks...
  7. Blueyedgirl316

    Driftwood Question

    Hi all! So I found this piece of wood out at a lake here in Oregon. I honestly don’t know enough about wood to even tell what kind of wood it is. If someone could look at the photos and tell me what they think? I did boil this thing for 2hours. I love the shape but it has theses spots that I’m...
  8. Blueyedgirl316

    40 Gallon Tank Hello everyone!

    Hello! Excited to join this community. I have already read many posts that have been helpful when I first started getting into aquariums about 6 months ago. It all started with a betta. At first I was one of those uneducated people who on a random whim decided to get a fish. I had the poor thing...
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