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    Is this amano shrimp?

    Hey y’all I got some shrimp from petco and they were sold to me as Amano shrimp. They were pretty clear like Amanos should be in when I saw them there so I thought nothing of it but now they’ve all colored up and I’m not sure if they’re actually amanos or not. Any help with Id would be helpful...
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    What are sunset gouramis

    At petco they have these sunset gouramis and I think they’re honey gouramis but are they?
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    Red thing on glass?

    Hey guys, I’ve seen this red like thing on my tank glass for a while and just thought it was part of the sand but today I tried moving the sand away and I did but the red thing was still in the same spot. So I thought it was on the glass and tried to scrape it away from the inside but feel...
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    20 Gallon Tank My heater stopped working and I’m panicking

    My heater isn’t working anymore and I don’t know why. I put my hand in to quickly move something around and felt that it was pretty cold. So I checked my thermometer and it shows 64 degrees Fahrenheit. I check to see if my heater is unplugged but it’s not. It’s a new heater than came with the...
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    20 Gallon Tank Nitrites won’t go down

    Okay so I’ve been cycling my tank for about a month now and everything was going smoothly, had an ammonia spike for al little while then took care of that and then the nitrites shot up for like a day or two. Kept doing water changes but it stayed that way, my ammonia then went up too but after...
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    What does fine gravel look like?

    Okay so the substrate I currently have is just basic smooth white gravel and I’ve decided that I wanna change it in the future to something black. I’m gonna be getting cories in the future too so it’ll be a chance for me to get the best type of gravel for them which I’ve heard is fine gravel but...
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    Is my Java fern okay?

    Okay so my Java fern has been in my tank the same amount of time as most of my other plants which is about 3 weeks now. With the windelov Java fern I’ve seen obvious new growth but with the regular Java fern it’s just been looking kinda weird with these brown things growing on it. Any help would...
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    20 Gallon Tank Guppies with rosy loaches?

    I was wondering if instead of getting pygmy cories to go with my guppies, I could go for rosy loaches instead or even do both. I don't know if they could do well together but I'm guessing they can
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    20 Gallon Tank My ammonia isn't going down????

    Okay so I started cycling my tank about two weeks ago with some slow growing plants and three guppies. At the end of that week I finally started seeing 0ppm ammonia and nitrite. Two days after I got three more guppies, initially only planned to get one male but saw females I really wanted so got...
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    Plants that’ll help suck up nutrients and grow fast?

    I wanna get more plants since all the plants I have right now are slow growers so I wanna get fast growing ones that’ll be good for basic non-fancy lighting. Preferably stem ones.
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    Is my windelov Java fern growing?

    Hi y’all, just tryna figure out if my windelov Java fern is growing or not. I see things that look like new leaflets but I’m not 100% sure if that’s what they are. And I also think the roots are growing in, slowly but surely.
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    When to dose tetra safe start

    I just ordered some of this because I’m trying to get my cycle to kinda like speed up since it’s been recommended to get this. I already started the cycle like a week ago though with my guppies and it was going smoothly but I got some more and had like 0.25 ppm ammonia spike which I took care of...
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    Are chili rasboras sensitive?

    I would love to be able to keep some chili rasboras in my 20g long with my guppies but it's seeming like they're a little hard to care for and may not even be compatible with them. Any experience with them would be appreciated!
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    Conditioner overdose?

    It's pretty hard to measure the dosage of my conditioners since my water changes are never huge so I wanted to know if it could ever be too much.
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    Green or yellow ammonia test?

    Like I’ve been doing everyday for about a week I checked my parameters and the ammonia test looked yellow but green at the same time to me. I assumed green to be safe and did a 15-20% water change. Does it look green or yellow to y’all?
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    20 Gallon Tank Nano rainbowfish(or killifish) for 20g long community tank

    I would like some super colorful, non-basic fish and rainbowfish seemed to fit this criteria. I saw the neon blue eyed rainbowfish but wanted to know if there were more options.
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    Best heater for 20g?

    I want a heater that I can set to whatever temperature I need because right now all I have is a 100W preset heater that stays between 73-76, usually 74 but I want to be able to make it stay at 76 or higher. There's so many on the market though so I wanna know which y'all have experience with...
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    Otocinclus, Hardy or nah?

    I would like to know about anyone's experience with ottos. In your opinion are they hardy, sensitive or in the middle?
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    Is Seachem Prime the best conditioner?

    I pretty much just want to know if seachem prime is the best water conditioner since I see it recommended everywhere. I have the API one but I wanna know if it'd be better for me to get the seachem prime.
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    Pygmy or Dwarf cories?

    I'm trying to form up my tank for when I start getting more fish and I wanted to know which of these cories would be the better, (possibly hardier?) option. It's a 20g long with three female guppies, adding a male soon, and some bladder snails. It has some plants in but not that much, I plan to...
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