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  1. IzabelB

    How to euthanize old mystery snail - mantle collapse

    She’s lived a long life and laid lots of egg clutches but in the last month she’s been very lethargic. Today her mantle collapsed, she passed the smell check so she’s not dead but she’s not reacting to touch and she can’t close her trap door. What‘s the best way to euthanize her? Tomorrow I’m...
  2. IzabelB

    Help me with centerpiece hard scape!

    These are all of the cool pieces of wood I’ve found washed up by a river (aside from the cholla wood) over the course of several months. I’m tired of looking and I don’t want to spend money on any hard scape so I’m wondering if someone can help me make a cool centerpiece by by cutting and...
  3. IzabelB

    Best brands of ceramic bio balls?

    I’m thinking of cost as well as quality. Also do ceramic rings have to be changed? Will they eventually break down and will I have to have extra on hand in case that happens? Just got a marine land filter and there’s quite a bit more room so I’m getting more rings. I’m also adding a layer of...
  4. IzabelB

    Is iron and liquid Co2 necessary/effective?

    I dont plan to have any red plants so would iron be beneficial in any way? If so what are the best brands. Is liquid Co2 effective and how does it work, if it is which brands are best? TIA.
  5. IzabelB

    When to euthanize an old mystery snail

    Ive had her for more than a year, so I’m guessing it’s old age although I had no idea they only lived to a year before i googled it. Is that true? I got her from petco and she came pretty rough, she never really healed and she’s had shell problems her whole life despite getting proper care...
  6. IzabelB

    Stocking ideas: something that will eat decaying wood?

    Is there a such thing? I’ve considered clown plecos but the 40 gallon will be planted with densely growing stem plants, so I’m hoping that there’s a nano fish out there that will do this. I have a centerpiece driftwood that starts to smell like rotting wood after several months, so I have to...
  7. IzabelB

    Cracked mystery snail shell.

    I got this guy about a week ago, he came like this and unfortunately I didn’t notice at the time. Will he be okay? He’s acting normally. ph 8 gh is the highest on the chart other parameters are in check I feed them homemade snello and the occasional blanched veggies. edit: The fuzzy thing on him...
  8. IzabelB

    Do I have no other choice but to ship my fish to sell them?

    First of all, I couldn’t find a thread for shipping fish so I’m sorry that this is in the wrong place. I live near Wenatchee WA in a very small town. There are only 3 people in the hobby within two hours of me, that I know of at least. I’m trying to sell 5 peppered corys as a school and one...
  9. IzabelB

    Questions about water changes and cycle.

    I‘m trying to decide how often I need to do water changes in a very under stocked 33 gallon. 1 betta, 2 nerite snails, 5 peppered corys, inert substrate and lightly planted with anubias and Java fern. There’s a philodendron and a large arrow head plant growing emersed out of it too. I use a...
  10. IzabelB

    HELP. Weird discoloration on mystery snail, progressing very quickly.

    I don’t know how to edit a title so this is just an update to my last post. My last post: This dot definitely wasn’t here a couple of days ago. This is a jade mystery snail, a juvenile that I got a couple weeks ago from a local breeder. I ran my finger over it while I was holding him and it’s...
  11. IzabelB

    What’s this on my mystery snail?

    This dot definitely wasn’t here a couple of days ago. This is a jade mystery snail, a juvenile that I got a couple weeks ago from a local breeder. I ran my finger over it while I was holding him and it’s perfectly smooth and hard, seems really healthy other than the discoloration. I can give you...
  12. IzabelB

    Dwarf gourami iridovirus. I am very confused.

    I am planning stocking for a 40 gallon breeder, and I’m weighing the pros and cons of dwarf gourami vs honey gourami. I’ve done lots of research on aggression and it’s clear that honeys are a better choice in that category, but the problem is that I really don’t like the color yellow. DGs are...
  13. IzabelB

    Help me stock my 40 gallon! Starting with a blank slate.

    I have a 40 gallon breeder sitting in my room and I need ideas. I want to get the right fish on the first try because this is the only tank I’m allowed to have and I’m finding out that it’s extremely hard to sell fish in my area. So please give me ideas! Anything is appreciated, I want all the...
  14. IzabelB

    Advice on keeping multiple dwarf gourami and the correct ratio.

    I’m thinking way ahead here for stocking my dirted 40 gallon breeder that has not yet been set up. It’s going to be as densely planted as possible, with nerites, shrimp, a small school of harlequin rasboras, and another small school of either ember or rummy nose tetras. For the centerpiece I...
  15. IzabelB

    Is it safe to keep mystery snails in a bare bottom tank?

    I’m using a bare bottom tank as a grow out tank for some baby mystery snails. There is one adult in there too. You know how they do that “skydiving” thing where they jump from the top of the tank? Well in a bare bottom I’m worried that they are hurting their shells when they hit the bottom, it...
  16. IzabelB

    How to feed nerite snails with Cory cats

    I got two nerite snails recently and they’ve very quickly eaten all the algae off of my glass and now they are munching on my driftwood, which I don’t mind. I would just drop an algae wafer in there at night like google says to, but I can’t with corys. They immediately smell anything I put in...
  17. IzabelB

    Are these mystery snail eggs fertile?

    I’ve been incubating them for almost 2 weeks, this is the second clutch she laid and it was unexpected because she’s been alone for at least 6 months.
  18. IzabelB

    Are none of my thermometers accurate??

    I got a digital thermometer included with a heater, the brand is freesea. It read 83 Fahrenheit as soon as I put it in my newly set up 10 gallon even though the water felt pretty cold. The heater was set to 79, it came on for 5 mins then went off and all the while the thermometer read 82-84. The...
  19. IzabelB

    Calcium deficiency - mystery snail

    When I got this dude at petco his shell was covered in brown algae and a little cracked. I was misinformed at first and didn’t feed him enough, maybe one algae wafer per week. But that’s when his shell was looking the best, the new growth looked perfect and the old growth was getting less brown...
  20. IzabelB

    Sexing mystery snail

    I watched a YouTube tutorial to try to do this. So I thought I knew that this snail was female because it’s laid 3 egg clutches, I just wanted to sex it just because I was curious and for practice for when I do some breeding. It was pretty easy and after just a minute it showed me inside it’s...
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