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  1. IntegralGuy

    Why don't people just use Fluval Ammonia/Nitrite Remover over getting a Nitrogen Cycle Going?

    (Solved now, thanks anyways) Just discovered these products. Both these products seem to be very effective based on reviews (I haven't added them to my tank yet), and I'm curious why people don't just use these and then never have to deal with nitrates. Is it because they release small amounts...
  2. IntegralGuy

    20 Gallon Tank Juvenile cichlid has ich, lethargic, eats normally,

    Juvenile cichlid is last fish with ich, lethargic but eats normally, and still has vibrant colors. I treated with ICH X for 5 days, and all the fish seem treated, however I was using water you purchase from a store, so it got very expensive, so I started using heat treatment to finish...
  3. IntegralGuy

    How long would tap water contaminants take to kill a fish/shrimp?

    So, I've been doing water changes with purchased water, but it's been getting expensive so I want to start using tap water. But my tap water may have lead, so I'm getting a water conditioner to detoxify it. I am setting up a test 5 gallon with a shrimp, and I'll condition my tap water, but how...
  4. IntegralGuy

    Electric Blue Acara Has Constipation & slight bulge on his anus. (Quarantine?)

    What is the water volume of the tank? 22 Gallons (36 by 12 by 12, I know may not work long term but he's a juvenile and I'll move him as he grows out) How long has the tank been running? 3 Weeks Does it have a filter? Yes, sponge with 2 sponges, and carbon Does it have a heater? Yes What is the...
  5. IntegralGuy

    How long could I keep an electric blue acara in a 22 gallon long (36 by 12 by 12)

    Curious how long I could, I know these fish's lengths vary greatly, but what is your opinion for a standard sized one. I love these guys but have a smaller tank at the moment, curious if/how long I could house them. Most sources say 30 gal, my tank is 20ish, but has a footprint that's somewhat...
  6. IntegralGuy

    Dumb Question About Cycling

    Apologies, this question is probably pretty stupid but I'm not sure of a solution. Anyways, I'm doing a fish in cycle. Yes, I know, it's bad, I wanted to do a fishless cycle, but one thing led to another, and I ended up with fish in uncycled tank. Don't worry, immediately dosed with prime, and...
  7. IntegralGuy

    What's wrong with this diamond tetra?

    He swims at a normal pace, eats, schools, and such. I got him like this from the store. I outlined his backfin because I know its unusual. Do you think he suffers from severe fin nipping or fin rot, and do you think he is just little or has some other issues.? Also, his eye doesn't have the...
  8. IntegralGuy

    Diamond Tetras Not Eating Flake Food

    Hi everybody! Just set up a 22 gallon long, and have started slowly adding fish to it. Its 36" by 12" by 12", and currently have a little school of diamond tetras (only 3 of them, I know it's a little small, but I'll grow it). Tank is planted, with sand substrate, a cave, and driftwood. Fish...
  9. IntegralGuy

    Are the Following Water Parameters Good for Apistogramma Cacatuoides?

    I've done a ton of research, and these seem fine, but my fish anxiety is making me want to double check with y'all that these parameters are acceptable for an Apistogramma Cactuoides specifically, as I know Apistograma water parameters change depending on the type. 5dKH 10dGH pH somewhere from...
  10. IntegralGuy

    20 Gallon Tank Would 2 Keyholes Work in a 22 Gallon Long (36" by 12" by 12")

    Hi there! Recently I've been looking into cichlids for a 22 gallon long (36 by 12 by 12 inches), and have come up with a couple different cichlids that could work, and have been getting mixed answers if they would work. I'm curious what your opinions are on keeping 2 Keyholes in a 22 Gallon...
  11. IntegralGuy

    Hi Everyone!

    Just joined, so happy to be a part of this community! Been reading these forums for a while, but never made an account or asked a question, so I'm very excited! See ya on the forums!
  12. IntegralGuy

    20 Gallon Tank Could I Fit One Convict in a 22 Gallon Long Tank (Dimensions : 36"L, 12"H, 12"W)

    Hi there! I've been doing a ton of research on this matter, and many sources were saying a 20 gallon long possibly could work, others were saying minimum 30 gallons, but I'm assuming they meant with a tank with more standard dimensions, anyways, I was curious if my tank being rather long made...
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