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  1. Laeticia

    Clumped fin and tail on betta

    So 8 days ago I got a male betta, and he was doing great until yesterday I noticed that his tails seem clumped together, and he has difficulty swimming around. I tried to trigger his flaring, because I thought maybe he’s just resting due to his heavy tail, but his tail won’t spread even when he...
  2. Laeticia

    Betta sorority issue

    I recently put 10 bettas that came as one plastic in a 15g tank, and one of them seem to be super aggressive. Is there anything I can do to make peace?
  3. Laeticia

    Oily water after tetracycline treatment, Help!

    I treated my fin rot infected guppies today with tetracycline, and for some reason, the water got super oily even the bubbles from the stone aerator are going in slo mo. WHAT SHOULD I DO
  4. Laeticia

    Hey all!

    Hii, I’m much glad to finally be a part of this community! I’ve posted my first thread just yesterday and this community has been nothing but welcoming, and I’ve got satisfactory answers to all my questions. Nice to meet all of you, and I hope being here will be able to help me help my fishmates...
  5. Laeticia

    Slime on my wood

    Hi, so I just came back to my aquarium which I just set up yesterday and noticed a slime coating on the wood surface, and I’ve seen other threads discussing this, but it’s never actually concluded what it is and if it will pose danger to my fishes. I put bacteria starter and am wondering maybe...
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