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  1. Motherlovebetta

    Wisteria changing colors?

    My wisteria in one of my tanks keeps changing colors any idea what is causing this? Or is this normal?
  2. Motherlovebetta

    50 Gallon Tank Zebra loaches and other bottom feeders

    Is it advisable to keep zebra loaches with Cory cats and plecos? Is there another loach that likes snails (to eat) that is better? I have been reading mixed reviews. Are zebras more friendly than yo-yo loaches? My LFS says yo-yos are fast and mean….thanks!
  3. Motherlovebetta

    Honey Gourami spawning!

    Just walked by my tank and my rummy nose tetras were all swarming below the “bachelor pad” (Lilly pad my male HG bubble nests over). Sure enough Sundays must be for spawning for these two. Every Sunday they are at it. She released eggs 4 different times that I saw. How many eggs can they hold...
  4. Motherlovebetta

    30 Gallon Tank Can I have more plecos?

    I have a 30 gallon breeder (36" x 18" x 12") currently have: -4 honey gourami -10 rummy nose tetras -2 CPDs -7 panda cories -1 very fat clown pleco Tank is heavily planted. Can I add any other plecos in here?
  5. Motherlovebetta

    15 Gallon Tank Fluval flex stocking

    I have a fluval flex cycled from my betta that died last week and I am trying to decide if I want to take it down and move the red cherry shrimp or get more fish. It’s planted very heavily. I realize this is a fish forum so I’m guessing there isn’t going to be anyone who is going to vote for...
  6. Motherlovebetta

    How many nerites?

    Trying to condense a few tanks… many nerite snails can I put in a 50g?
  7. Motherlovebetta

    30 Gallon Tank Merging two tanks?

    I got a 30 gallon breeder (according to Google) used tank the other day. It came with fish in it already: 10 rummy nose tetras 3 panda cories 1 juli (planning to get a few more if he needs friends) 2CPDs 2 clown loaches (tying to rehome) 2 wcmm TON of neo shrimp. They all seem very...
  8. Motherlovebetta

    BBA and amano shrimp?

    Anyone have any experience with BBA and amano shrimp? I got a new/used tank yesterday and the driftwood has what I believe is BBA on it. I have amanos in my other tank. I could put some in there.
  9. Motherlovebetta

    Free Clown loaches to good home

    I got a 30 gallon tank off Craigslist yesterday and it came with the fish. I am keeping all of them with the exception of the clown loaches because I do not have a tank large enough for them to go into. The kid was shocked when I told him how big they can get. Anyway, they appear to be very...
  10. Motherlovebetta

    What fish is this?

    I got a tank off Craigslist yesterday and there is a fish in it that I need help identifying……i dont know if it is relevant or not but there are rummy nose tetras that it seems to be semi schooling with, but it is larger.
  11. Motherlovebetta

    Free Ramshorn snails!

    I have some large 3 that I can see and a Lot of small ramshorn snails that I’d love to send someone’s way. I’ll pay shipping up to $5. Lower 48 only and must be 18 or have parental consent before you send me your address!
  12. Motherlovebetta

    QT male honey gourami

    My honey gourami spawned the other day which I thought was so cool. Except, now my male is being a real “Richard” and has all of the other tank inhabitants hiding on one side of the tank at the bottom. (Still eating) The tank is very heavily planted and I’m upgrading my tank tomorrow to almost...
  13. Motherlovebetta

    50 Gallon Tank Corys and clown loaches?

    Can I keep clown loaches with albino cories or will they hurt my cories? I’m hoping to upgrade my 50 gallon tank to a 75 soon. I’m also getting a 29 to replace my 20, but it already has fish in it. It has two clown loaches which I know are too big for a 29 gallon so I was going to put them in...
  14. Motherlovebetta

    Want To Buy Red cherry shrimp

    Want to buy about 10-20 red cherry shrimp. Maybe some easy plants. Preferably from same seller to cut on shipping.
  15. Motherlovebetta

    Pleco QT question

    I got 3 plecos 2 weeks ago. I ordered them online with plans to put them in my 50g tank after QT. The day I got them I found ich in my 50g, I’m heating that tank still haven’t seen any ich spots in over a week now. My question is how long can I keep the plecos in my 10g QT tank? I have a...
  16. Motherlovebetta

    Kenaplex and inverts

    Hello fish friends. I bought some kenaplex today to treat my betta who I’m sure now has fin rot. The bottle says it is not safe for snails and shrimp. Which I have in the tank…….has anyone had any experience with this? Should I move the shrimp and snails? I have assassin snails in the tank...
  17. Motherlovebetta

    Betta acting weird - At a loss

    Any ideas why my betta is acting so weird? Tank has been up since may but had him since March. He’s a male crow tail if that makes any difference. Roughly a week ago he ripped off two of his dorsal fins. I got him some shrimp and did the mirror thing maybe a minute a day and he stopped...
  18. Motherlovebetta

    Betta fin nipping

    My 6ish month old crow tail has been nipping off his dorsal fins. I noticed one yesterday and one today. Any suggestions? He eats……plenty and a variety. I just got him red cherry shrimp yesterday and he pays them zero attention. He has had tank mates in the past I may get him some CPDs. I...
  19. Motherlovebetta

    20 Gallon Tank Schooling fish poll

    I have a 20g tall aquarium, heavy planting, lots of driftwood/tannins. Current inhabitants: 3 honey gourami 1 clown pleco 5 salt and pepper cories 3 assassin snails Also considering adding some cherry shrimp. ph: 7.6-7.8 Temp: 76 Gh:4
  20. Motherlovebetta

    Are my Harlequins broken?

    My harlequins have been at this all day. The only thing I can think of is I have the tank temp increased to 86F (normal 78F) because I am treating the tank for ich. The intake sponge cover is fairly new too….sorry about all the photo-bombers :D
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