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  1. dmk164

    Cycling for a huge bioload

    im wanting to buy fish wholesale from overseas and you have to buy such huge quantities can i use frita 700 or dr tims and once its cycled add 4ppm everytimi ammonia and nitrite reach zero and will this increase the amount of bioload? like i need to add 30 3" or 45 2.5" fish in the tank at the...
  2. dmk164

    Growing enough bacteria to accommodate a stocked tank

    ive tried tims and ive tried turbo boost 700 by fritz and start out at 4 ppm ammonia and when my numbers are 0,0 i add another 4 ppm i do this repeadidly 6 or 7 times and everytime my order of wholesale fish come in i slowly introduce food and the nitrite always go out of control and i end up...
  3. dmk164

    Half my fish died

    im breeding fish but for some reason half of one species died i checked nitrates 10 ppm i checked ammonia not zero but maybe half of .25 ppm i think i crashed my cycle because ive been moving bacteria around should i check my nitrites ? its a 40 breeder and had 25 2-25 inch fish in at tops what...
  4. dmk164

    Brown algae

    i know its not algae its diatoms but is there something i can add to remove it i clean the sides and decor and do 50 percent cleaning substrat twice aweek i only have 4 tanks with it but only have sponge filters adding aggitation is kinda impractical because i have 40 tanks for breedint etc
  5. dmk164


    i have some questions about bacteria and temperature does anyone know at what temperature will backteria not grow or what temp will kill bacteria im trying to cycle five 110 gallon grow out ponds with 5 gallon diy filters and no heater there about 60 degrees can i cycle at this temp or will it...
  6. dmk164

    Turning prime into safe

    do you suppose its ok to premix your your safe with water and keep it in the prme container and by way makeing your own prime i hope so cause i did it will save me $1000's of dollars if it works
  7. dmk164

    Air tank parts

    can anyone tell me exactly what i need for my air tank so i can put air in a bag of fish? gas suppy wants to sell me $100 regulator but has no idea about a hose to put the air in harbor freight had a $70 regulator but couldnt find a hose to fit can someone please Help me
  8. dmk164

    What is lava rock?

    is it for flower gerdens or something?
  9. dmk164

    Grow out tubs

    can anyone please give me some ideas on the cheapest way to set up grow out tubs? especially filtration also water movement or air i really dont want to buy $180 pond filters as far as the size its going have to be as big as i can fit through my 32" by 7' doors going in the basement im thinking...
  10. dmk164

    Indoor grow out ponds

    Does anybody have any ideas on the cheapest way to filter some indoor ponds that I am using for cichlid grow out tanks keep in mind they will get regular water changes in the bottom cleaned out regularly
  11. dmk164

    Buying fry

    does anyone know who will sell me 10 or 15 or 20 of some diferent varietys of peackock or haps like 1" or 1.5" like wholesale?
  12. dmk164

    Moving a filter

    I’m buying a 75 gal comes with canaster filter I’m taking the whole thing but it will be in the cold about 40 degrees for 3 or 4 hrs will that kill thenacteria?
  13. dmk164

    No nitrites?

    i have an aquarium i am trying to cycle bacteria into a bunch of sponge filters for later use and it seems to go from ammonia to nitrates and my nitrates are zero in other words right now i am .25 ammonia zero nitrites and 20 nitrates. also do i need to do a water change doing a fishless cycle...
  14. dmk164

    Grow out

    i have a few varietys of peacocks i am breeding just now getting fry does anyone know how long it would take 10 or 15 fry to reach sexing size say 2.5" in a 10gal vs 20 gallon.tanks or 38 lliters vs 76 litter tanks
  15. dmk164

    Can i join

    the club
  16. dmk164

    My 5" sunshe or yellow benga

    looks like fin rot and he lost his bouancy like he floats up in down towards top of tank is there any hope for him?
  17. dmk164

    Spooking breeding

    can any cleaner fish keep peacocks from breeding? like plecos or loaches. thanks
  18. dmk164


    whats the best tumbler out there? pros, cons...thanks
  19. dmk164

    Please I’d this fish for me

    I thought he was an ngarA flame tale but my breeder thinks he is a crossbreed I wanted to buy ngarA females for him.
  20. dmk164

    Seeding a sponge

    so i put 4 60 gallon rated sponges in my fx4 cycled 125 tank but i let them soak up some dirty filter media water from my fx4 sponges first ive had them running in my 125 along with my 125 gal how long till you think they are ready to ull out and be good enogh for a 40 breeder or 39 high thanks
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