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    White Particles in water - 75 gallon tank with a Fluval FX4

    Hey all, I know there are plenty of posts on here about white particles in the water, but I’m really not sure what else I can do. I have a 75 gallon tank with a Fluval FX4 and a Marineland 350 Biowheel, so I doubt filtration is an issue. I also have filter floss (polyfil) in both which I know...
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    Bolivian Ram Sexing

    Hey all, just wanted to see if anyone could sex these Rams. Based on the vents I think I have a male and a female but I’m starting to think I may have both males. Was hoping someone better at this than me could chime in.
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    Running a HOB rated for a smaller tank

    I have a pretty heavily stocked 75 gallon (about half of which will be moving once I get another 75) and the water quality has taken a hit despite the tank being decently overfiltered using a Fluval FX4. I do 10-15% water changes twice a week but still notice particles floating around in the...
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    Stocking Fluval Flex 15G

    Hey everyone! I'll be setting up a Fluval Flex 15 gallon soon and am deciding between two stock options, either: 3x Pea Puffer 6-8x Otos or 2x pair of Multis Any input or other ideas for stocking? Thank you :)
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