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  1. LightseyH

    Bumps On Powder Dwarf Guarami

    My powder guarami (sp?) has 3 bumps on his body. They are very small but noticable because of his shiny color. He is acting normal and eating normal. No worms are visible. It's not ich because the water is too warm and there aren't any other fish that have this. Could these bumps be wounds...
  2. LightseyH

    Neon Blue Dwarf Gourami - Dark Color And Fin Clamp

    Our tank has been through the cycling process and we have several other fish and shrimp including another DG (Powder Blue). All are doing fine except my Neon Blue DG which we've had for about a month and half. For 4 days he has lost a significant amount of weight, his color has darkened and...

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