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  1. DoraCory

    Question Pea Puffer Supply Issue?

    I emailed a bunch of my local LFS when I was looking to buy pea puffers, and one of them told me that the problem we've been having here in the UK is that the puffers haven't been on the wholesale lists for them to order them in. They seem to be slowly coming back though because a couple of the...
  2. DoraCory

    Getting fry in fry box?

    They're nice looking swordtails, good luck with the breeding.
  3. DoraCory

    Nasty Rock from Yard

    It's a neat looking rock.
  4. DoraCory

    Nasty Rock from Yard

    Don't boil rocks, they could explode.
  5. DoraCory

    Question Are these “good” worms or should I be concerned?

    I don't know what they are, but I'm sure someone here does. My puffers love them.
  6. Birthday / Puffer tank update

    Birthday / Puffer tank update

    Even more plants!
  7. DoraCory

    Help Weird texture in the base of the fish tank

    Is there a foam pad underneath? Because that pattern looks just like some packing foam sheets I have.
  8. DoraCory

    Small Bolivian Ram super shy!

    If it's only been a few days then giving it time to get used to it's surroundings might be the answer.
  9. rio-tank.jpg


    Update on the 180l community tank
  10. juvias-tank.jpg


    Update on the Betta tank.
  11. DoraCory

    Oops. Bought A Puffer.

    Darn, now I want my own Nibbles, he's so stinking cute.
  12. DoraCory

    Fun and games during the water change

    The ram was more transfixed than aggressive to it, but I'll keep an eye on it next time.
  13. DoraCory

    Fun and games during the water change

    I found out today that bits of gravel spinning around in the gravel vac are to EB Rams like laser pointers are to cats. Does anyone else have any funny water change anecdotes?
  14. DoraCory

    Help Would Otocinclus Do This???

    If your otto's were doing this then you'd witness this all time. I've had 2 otto's that discovered they enjoyed Discus and Platy slime coat, they didn't wait for the lights to go out.
  15. DoraCory

    Aquarium Care Logbook

    I just have a little notebook that I jot down water parametres and other related notes.
  16. DoraCory

    Pea Puffer Won’t Eat?

    My puffers tend to leave snails alone if they're too big and only go for ones that are about the size of their eyes.
  17. DoraCory

    Question Tank Detritus

    What foods do you feed your fish? Because it also looks a bit like un-eaten pellets, not too disimilar to the shrimp pellets I have.
  18. DoraCory

    Question Tank Detritus

    The debris in the first photo looks like Nerite poop to me. What is your tank stocked with?
  19. DoraCory

    Accidentally Got Aquarium Water In My Mouth

    Are you really a fish keeper if you haven't accidentally drank a bit of tank water? All joking aside, you'll be fine.
  20. DoraCory

    Question Am I Cycled?

    Ah okay, well it looks like you're very close to being cycled, if not already there. Just keep an eye things is all I can suggest.

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