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    Cherry Shrimps & Room Temp

    They should be fine as long as your temperature is relatively stable. They should breed well at 72 degrees as well.
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    Ghost Shrimp Is Getting Strips And Tiny Dots

    The brownish stuff is most likely diatoms, very common in new tanks. It should disappear as the tank matures. The green algae may also cure itself. If you still have it in a couple months there may be other issues to address but I wouldn’t worry until then.
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    Ghost Shrimp Is Getting Strips And Tiny Dots

    Stripes and spots are normal for a healthy ghost shrimp. As for the missing legs, couple of molts and they should be OK. Hard water is actually beneficial for most invertebrates. If your water is extremely hard you can cut it with distilled water, but don’t use distilled water exclusively.
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    Want To Sell Shrimp For Sale

    Any estimate on when the blues will be back in stock?
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    Shrimp Keep Dying And I Don't Know Why

    My experience with neocaridinas is that as far as hardiness red cherries > RilI > blues or greens or yellows. Not surely why that is but it may be related to the amount of breeding required.
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    Sad Oscar Cichlid.

    Try earthworms, crickets etc. if you find something he really likes he will associate you with pleasure and become your best friend.
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    Shrimp Keep Dying

    Few questions. Gh value? How long tank cycled? Tankmates? What kind of shrimp?
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    Sad Oscar Cichlid.

    I would try live food. Every time my cousin came to my house he would drop a net full of feeders. It got so that when he walked in the room they would go nuts at the front of the tank.
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    Article Published In France

    Congratulations. It’s a wonderful thing to contribute to the general knowledge of the world by being a published author.
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    Staurogyne Repens

    Superglue one side of the stem to a small piece of gravel or lava rock. Carefully place in the substrate and cover.
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    Moss Id Help

    I would say Cameroon or Queen moss. Definitely not Christmas, Flame or Java moss. Mine are hidden deep in a nest of spider wood so I can’t really take a picture to compare.
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    Need Some Help With Plants

    Your aponogeton is probably an aponogeton ulvaceus. I got my bulb from petsmart too.
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    Water Changes

    Air driven sponge filters always helped in my cichlid tanks, particularly the overstocked ones.
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    Is This Normal?

    Mystery snails often go to the surface to gulp air.
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    Splitting Java Moss, Keeping Moss Seperate!

    See if there is a landscaping supply place nearby. They usually sell things like gravel by the cubic yard for driveways but many carry multiple types of stone as well. Most are willing to sell smaller amounts for very cheap.
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    First Dutch Tank

    Try the ProfI Test for nitrates by Salifert. Much more accurate than API nitrate test.
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    Collecting Cholla Wood.

    I would scrub any dirt/debris off and then soak a couple months to be safe.
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    Mopani Wood

    Both are definitely mopani. Be aware that the “light” colored part will darken on exposure to water. Essentially you will have dark wood and very dark wood eventually. The one piece looks like it has been submerged for a while already.
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    Urgent Please! White Stringy Stuff In Aquarium

    Fairly common in new tanks. It will pass.
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    Question About Eaten Plants

    Any superglue will work. My favorite is the gel type just because it’s easier to apply.
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