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  1. candiedragon

    Is This Algae?

    It's honestly really hard to see but it kinda just looks like particles settling in the hornwort... that's just what it looks like to me.
  2. candiedragon

    Getting Back Into It After Long Hiatus!

    Hello and welcome to Fish Lore and welcome back to the hobby! The nitrogen cycle should be established already in the entire setup (filtration included), so long as you keep the filter media in tank water without any fluctuations nor letting it sit too long during transport and setup then you...
  3. candiedragon

    Having An Issue With Angelfish

    That is really bizarre... at this point I could only suspect the Angel fish are coming from one source and arent in the best health, especially with the stress of shipping/moving. Your setup sounds good, and having less than 25ppm nitrates is actually pretty excellent. As @angelcraze...
  4. candiedragon

    Cleaner Fish For Goldfish

    They probably cohabit well since they're still babies. Flying Fox are somewhat similar to Rainbow and Red Tail Sharks (which is why you ought not to keep them together in a tank) and are relatively docile early on but as they get older they become more bold and territorial. I would assume a...
  5. candiedragon

    Cleaner Fish For Goldfish

    Usually Chinese Algae Eaters are pretty notorious for behaviors you're describing but I don't think that's what you have... Unless you have somewhere else to put him then it might be ideal to take it back to the store if they will accept returns/donations, or rehome it. Unfortunately, goldfish...
  6. candiedragon

    Additions To A 55 Gallon

    Yep, if you're doing Angelfish it's safer to do just one or 4+, unless you can guarantee the two are a pair. Some people get lucky, but it's better to be safer than sorry if you wind up with two of the same gender and they decide to fight. Or if you have 3 and two decide to pair and bully the...
  7. candiedragon

    Question Golden Killifish And Small Fish Question

    Harlequins and neons are roughly the same size... you may lose some of them when he decides he wants a snack. You could take the risk and make sure he's well-fed but there could be tension in the tank.
  8. candiedragon

    Molly Fish Tail Question

    My guess is that it's possibly some wild genes showing in this particular specimen. Nothing to worry about at all!
  9. candiedragon

    Led Lighting Unit For 10 Gal Tank.

    What plants do you have?
  10. candiedragon

    Can You Keep A Single Boesemani/turquoise Rainbow?

    That's hard to say because it seems Petsmarts can have varying quality of fish and care from store to store, depending on the employees. The colors are pretty nice on your fish so they're likely the true Boesemani. Unfortunately, hybridized Rainbows are typically washed out in color, which is...
  11. candiedragon

    Can You Keep A Single Boesemani/turquoise Rainbow?

    I totally misread everything in my drowsy stupor lol... editing... You can probably get away with the boesemani IF they are the true boesemani and NOT the weird hybrid version from Florida. True boesemani stay about 3.5" give or take, while the other hybrid version can reach upwards of 6"...
  12. candiedragon

    Introducing Kuhli Loaches To Betta Tank

    I completely agree, there is always that possibility since bettas can have unique personalities. It's like random traits in sims LOL
  13. candiedragon

    Help I'm At A Loss

    Depending on the type of plants you are interested in should definitely impact your substrate choice. If you're just going to do epiphytes like anubias sp., bucephelandra, and java fern then substrate will not matter. These types of plants should generally avoid being planted as they're more...
  14. candiedragon

    Introducing Kuhli Loaches To Betta Tank

    I agree with what everyone has said. I would also like to add on that my bettas never seemed to bother most of my bottom dwelling fish. Starlord (my betta) doesnt even bother with the kuhlis and corys.
  15. candiedragon

    Feeling Overwhelmed

    It wasnt exactly specified if that was just the tank parameters and/or the source water... my bad.
  16. candiedragon

    Opae'ula Shrimp

    I just wanna preface this by clarifying that I had meant to say that wild collections were initially and largely sourced from Big Island. It was 2am and not quite all there lol. I am a little bit skeptical of findings of the same species on different islands. They're very tiny so how would...
  17. candiedragon

    Feeling Overwhelmed

    People are gonna give you different opinions so take most advice with a grain of salt, especially those who work at the store as in many cases they're just trying to upsell products. Honestly your husband has good philosophy but you do want to maintain good water quality via water changes...
  18. candiedragon

    Thrive C/nitrates

    Hm. Theres some newer speculation that algae spores require ammonia to grow into its adult phases and that seems to hold fairly true in my experiences. In a newly planted tank, it's a perfect opportunity, too, because the plants are adjusting to the newer environment it gives algae a chance to...
  19. candiedragon

    Thrive C/nitrates

    Maybe I should have been a little more detailed... it does look like a big jump now that you mention it LOL. It started at 5ppm pre-livestock with just plants, once I had livestock then it averaged 10ppm. I got lazy the last couple weeks and missed a water change or two and it never went above...
  20. candiedragon

    First Tank Stocking Question

    Honestly, I advise against getting a fish to remedy an algae problem unless you can find someone who has their otocinclus stock readily taking prepared foods. Besides, diatoms usually resolve itself once the tank officially balances itself after another month or so. It is part of the "new tank...

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