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  1. Lmg01

    Sick platy fry

    I can’t really get a picture considering I can barely see it myself. I’ll put some aquarium salt in the 5 gallon and I’ll probably just put the sick one out of its misery. I also just discovered that my heater isn’t working, and I ordered a new one. Thanks
  2. Lmg01

    Sick platy fry

    Hi! I have 12 platy fry in a 5 gallon tank. 5 are a few weeks old, 7 are only a week or two old. One of the 7‘s tail fin is jagged and white on the ends. The water was dirty because I waited for the newborns to get a bit bigger before doing a water change. The tank is also infested with ramshorn...
  3. Lmg01

    10 Gallon Tank Possible Betta Dropsy

    I had a betta who got to an algae wafer. At first she looked like that, so I just assumed she was bloated and fasted her. She ended up having dropsy and she didn’t make it. Take bettafairy’s advice, but definitely be careful. Good luck
  4. Lmg01

    55 Gallon Tank What's with my Guppy luck?

    I don’t have any advice, but I’ve had a similar experience. My local fish store said all males would be fine, so I got three. They constantly harassed one of my female platys even though there were other female fish in the tank. They stressed her out so much that I ended up taking them back...
  5. Lmg01

    20 Gallon Tank Leopard danio lost tail fin

    Java moss and Java ferns are great plants. You can use aquarium salt to treat at first. 1 gal is a bit small, but it’s better than nothing. If aquarium salt helps, just keep using that. Stress coat is great too. If those two don’t work or if the fish gets worse, you can try Melafix. Sorry I’ve...
  6. Lmg01

    20 Gallon Tank Leopard danio lost tail fin

    You should probably quarantine it if you can instead of treating the entire tank. It’s tail isn’t going to just suddenly grow back. I do recommend treating it though to avoid infection. Also, just a suggestion, but you should probably get some more plants.
  7. Lmg01

    Pruning amazon sword . could someone explain it to me?

    I usually wait until the leaves turn completely brown before pulling them off so that all of the nutrients has already left it. Just remove bad leaves and leave the healthy ones.
  8. Lmg01

    My Amano turned white

    I read online that shrimp can turn white when they are ready to molt. They may also hide when they are ready to molt. You should probably just keep an eye on it. Hopefully it’s fine!
  9. Lmg01

    Show off your fish tank!

    The tanks in this thread are so pretty
  10. Lmg01

    Platy breathing heavily and inactive

    That sounds like what happened to mine. Hopefully she gets better. My other female platy already has tiny rips at the end of her tail from the male focusing on her too much. Thanks
  11. Lmg01

    Bugs for bettas

    You probably shouldn’t give it random bugs but I read online that ants are fine
  12. Lmg01

    Platy breathing heavily and inactive

    Her name is Kovit. She’s named after a male book character Her color hasn’t changed. She looks completely normal besides the heavy breathing and lack of swimming. She’s really tiny and she’s never had the platy chest shape. (I am positive she’s a platy, she is not a molly.)
  13. Lmg01

    Platy fin rot or just damage?

    A breeder box wouldn’t do anything. Fin rot can be caused by dirty water, so you should do water changes more frequently. Even if she is not sick, this will only help your fish. If you don’t monitor your water levels already, you should start. Definitely get an extra tank if it is possible though
  14. Lmg01

    Help! Injured fry

    Okay, thanks!
  15. Lmg01

    Help! Injured fry

    Just out of curiosity, does that mean the fry is female, or was the male just doing his thing regardless?
  16. Lmg01

    Platy fin rot or just damage?

    If you think that it’s fin rot, which it definitely could be, you should separate her so the other fish don’t get it. You can add aquarium salt to your tank to see if that helps. If it continues getting worse, I recommend getting treatment. Especially if it spreads to other fins
  17. Lmg01

    Platy fin rot or just damage?

    Is there any discoloration? Other fish could be nipping her. Has a male been harassing her?
  18. Lmg01

    Help! Injured fry

    So I had just moved two platy fry into a larger tank with mollies and platys. They are about a month and a week old. The other fish didn’t try to eat them and they were doing great for a few days, but I just noticed my male platy trying to mate with one of the fry. Normally the fry try to swim...
  19. Lmg01

    Wild jumping spider care questions

    70-85 is good temp for them. You can feed it crickets and mealworms as well as flies. They are easy to find. Feed it every 2-3 days. That’s what I got from some quick research. I know nothing about spiders
  20. Lmg01

    Siamese male fighter fish with female Imbellis?

    If you have a big enough tank that’d probably be fine. They do have a temperature difference though, so you might want to look into that
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