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  1. tyspot1000

    10 Gallon Tank Stocking

    The plan B would be your best bet, but leave out the cories and get some shrimp. Why plan A wouldnt of worked was because Zebras need to be in schools of 6 or more to keep the fin nipping to a minimum. And Ive also heard that the more male guppies, the more aggression is going to happen...
  2. tyspot1000

    Help Looks like Ich, but it's not?

    It does sound like a Fungus infection to me. I would advise to do 25-50% water changes everyday to keep the water as clean as possible (Helps with fungus), But if worse comes to worse, I would advise on using meds. I would recommend Pimafix (Anti-fungal fish remedy) as a med for treating...
  3. tyspot1000

    40 Gallon Tank 40gB Stock

    I think the apisto and angel would do fine together. Bu if any aggressoin occurs, just make sure to have hiding spots for the both of them. You could add more to your stock plan, but What do you want? Tyler
  4. tyspot1000

    40 Gallon Tank 40gB Stock

    Thats sounds like a great stock to me. As far as the otos, I would wait to put them in until your aqarium is established (2-3 months after cycle). Im not sure about the Apistogramma Trifascita. Ive heard they need to be in groups of 2-3 (1m-2f), But Im sure they will be fine on their own...
  5. tyspot1000

    Help Do I have a serious algae problem??

    Yes Tyler
  6. tyspot1000

    Help Platy Types

    Oh, ok. I had to make sure Tyler
  7. tyspot1000

    Help Do I have a serious algae problem??

    Possible cause and treatment for hair algae: *Water flow: Nutrients often build up in areas with low water movement. Increasing the flow will help prevent local build up of nutrients. *Manual Removal: Manual removal is a good way to get rid of Hair Algae. Manual removal will work, but...
  8. tyspot1000

    Help Platy Types

    @psalm18.2, Yours are Painted hi-fin platies, From the second picture, it looks like a male (Also, Do I see ich?) Tyler
  9. tyspot1000

    White spots around molly's mouth?

    Does you mollys spots happen to look like your she has salt on her lips. Im thinking its mouth fungus (Cotton like growths on the body that may appear white or gray in color.) If it is, I would recommend to do 25-50% water changes everyday (Clean water helps with the fungus) If worse comes to...
  10. tyspot1000

    Help Do I have a serious algae problem??

    It looks to me that you have Diatoms and some hair algae. Like danni said, diatoms come from a tank that has been setup for less than a year and they also occur when there is not enough lighting. The only time I'd had problems with algae growing over everything was just after I'd uprated my...
  11. tyspot1000

    Help Platy Types

    1st picture: Two male painted platies () 2nd picture: Female mickey mouse platy () 3rd picture: Im not very sure on that one, But it is a female. 4th picture: A red platy, Im not sure on the gender from the pic, but im guessing its a male. () Tyler
  12. tyspot1000

    Help with setting up my new fish tank. Discus

    Ive heard that when you feed discus Beefheart, thawed bloodworms, etc That it gets quite messy and takes some time to clean up. I dont have any discus but I want some (13 yr old budget ), but someday....:whistling: Tyler
  13. tyspot1000

    My 36 Gallon Bowfront Planted Tank

    I cant wait! Tyler
  14. tyspot1000

    my new tank...

    Nice tank! Tyler
  15. tyspot1000

    Creating New 20 gallon tank from inhabitants of other small tank/s

    Welcome to fishlore! I would add the neons (Bring the school up to 6), Add the Pristellas (Make school to 6), the bamboo shrimp,The honeys and the Badis in and I think that would pretty much make you stocked As for the hillstream loach, The first thing you should know about these amazing...
  16. tyspot1000

    Help with setting up my new fish tank. Discus

    Maybe as fry, but If it is a permanant home, I highly disagree that would work, even with the right filtration. Aggression would get out of hand and stunted growth . OP: Im not sure what tank size you have, Could you happen to tell us. Tyler
  17. tyspot1000

    40 Gallon Tank Any Ideas?

    Thats sounds like a great stock to me, But I would put your cory school to 8 and your neon school to 10. Remember that neon tetra need an established aquarium (2-3 months after cycle.) Tyler
  18. tyspot1000

    Turquoise Rainbow Has something wrong with it.

    Congrats on the fishes recovery! Tyler
  19. tyspot1000

    Nitrogen Cycle Question

    You could, But I wouldnt recommend it. If you do go ahead and decide to get the danios, I would recommend to only add 1-3 at a time. Also with the fish being in the tank, You will need to keep the ammonia and nitrite levels down, So I would recommend to do 25-50% water changes everyday...
  20. tyspot1000

    Nitrogen Cycle Question

    Yep, I believe so. First your ammonia is suppose to go up, once the nitrite goes up, the ammonia goes down, then once the nitrates go up,the nitrites go. After thats all over, it should give you 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, and 5-20 nitrates. As for the tetra safestart, its purpose is to be used with...

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