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    Hello so i need ideas for my 10g

    So my 10g tank has 1 betta, 3 dwarf crayfish, and a good bit if snails. I'm wanting to add some more fish to it. I want something active, fast, but is fine in a 10g. I've been wanting to do so for a while. I want something big enough the betta wont try and eat it but is okay with a 10g. And I...
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    Selling rams horn and bladder snails

    I have young rams horn snails and bladder snails I'm selling. If you pay shipping you can choose the price. They are very healthy
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    Help with my cycle

    Hello so I have 3 tanks my 10g is cycled, my 1.5 is cycled but my 20long isnt yet it's been about 3 months. I started it in about may, i know it's kinda heavily stocked but based on research that doesnt matter. I've tried using products that help tanks cycle with no help at all. Even though the...
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    Setting up a aquarium pond thing

    Hello so I'm wondering if a glass aquarium I'm thinking 50-75 gallon tank. But it will be out side on my patio. With a mushroom fountain head with built in filter sponge. I plan on having either 10-25 zebra danios and or 10-20 sword tails. I'm really thinking a mix of them both. And I will have...
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    Outdoor pond 30g tub

    Hello so I have an extra 30g tub and I want to turn it into a pond for my porch. I live in southern oregon. I have heard that zebra danios can survive in cold temp water. Even with ice on it. I'm not going to use a heater. I will have a ton of live plants I'm thinking duckweed, water hyathince...
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    Help cycling

    Hello so it's been 3 months now and my 10g is cycled but my 20g isnt. my 10g cycled 2 -3 weeks ago. My ammonia levels are .5ppm nitrite are zero and nitrates are less than 5ppm more than 0. I know my tank is heavily stocked but it is also heavily planted I'm not losing any fish. And my...
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    Teas for tannins

    Hello so I want to add tea to my aquariums to do a kinda tarnish color to it. I have hawthorn and hibiscus. and I also have valerian root powder. I'm wondering if they would be safe in an aquarium
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    Low GH, ok to add mineral rock?

    Hey so my gh is low I think I'm getting a reading of 2 drops so is it okay if I add a mineral rock or 2 to my 20g and part of one to my 1.5
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    Need some advice on using Catappa leaves

    Hello so I have 3 tanks all my tanks ph is 6.6, and I want to use Indian almond leaves in all my tanks. In my 10g tank I have a betta with 3 dwarf crawfish, in my 1.5g tank I have about 15 young neocaradena shrimp and a black molle fry. And in my 20g tank I have 2 black mollies, 4 ember...
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    What are these ramshorn snails doing.

    What are my snails doing? I want to know if its mating
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    Problem with airline tubing

    So I use sponge filters in all my tanks and the tubing keeps slipping and coming disconnected. What is a good set of tubing for airstones and sponge filters and what size I should get.
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    So i just found these yellow eggs

    I was looking in my tank and I found some yellow eggs on my cambomba. well idk if they are eggs. But I need to know what these are before I gently put them back in my tank. I have zebra danios, black mollies, ember tetras and neon tetras. I also have neocaradena shrimp and some rams horn...
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    Help i dont know what this baby fish is

    So I was doing a tank cleaning today. And I found a baby fish. My tank is only 3 months old it's not even cycled yet. I have 5 short fin zebra danios, 6 neon tetras, 4 ember tetras, and 2 black mollies. Its ph is 6.6-6.8, the tank is close to being cycled. But not yet. I've only seen one of...
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    Help i dont know what this is growing on 1 of my rocks.

    Hello so I have something growing on a lava rock I put in my tank 3 days ago. Idk what it is. But it's a clearing white and it's only on the lava rock I have not seen it in anything else
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    I have a 1.5 gallon tank i need ideas for it

    So I have a small 1.5 gallon tank I want to do something with. I've thought about putting shrimp in it, and starting a small community of shrimp in it. Which can be used to breed them and when I want to I can add adult shrimp to my big tanks. I have it set up right now with some biggish rocks...
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    My aquarium backstory see what you learn

    If you are new learn from what I'm writing it may be long but it highlights my mistakes that could have been avoided from the start. I've owned fish for 3-4 months now, and I only started learning this stuff about 2-3 months ago. But by then I had lost a betta mostly do to not having a...
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    What is this plant in the picture

    So I have 3 of these plants. The guy at petco said it was an amazon sword but I think he is full of sh.. lol. I read that they grow fairly fast and once they hit air they start to sprout a flour. But I've had this in my tank for almost 5 months. It was the first plant I got for my 10g back when...
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    Hello hoping to get advice.

    Hello all thank you in advance for the help. So I just tested my water and found it weird. So back story for about 2 weeks now I've been getting ammonia levels of 1ppm nitrites 0ppm and nitrates 5-10ppm. But today when I tested my water I had .25ppm ammonia , nitrites were 0ppm and nitrates...
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    Help i have started feeding baby brine shrimp

    So I started hatching baby brine shrimp I use a gallon of water and 3 and a half to 4 tbsp of aquarium salt. My ph is 6.6 but I raised it for the brine shrimp to 8.6. But I went to feed my fish I didnt think to strain the brine shrimp also I'm not sure the best way to do it. I have cheese cloth...
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    Looking for some good snails to add to both tanks

    Hello, so I want to add snails to both tanks. I was thinking of adding trumpet snails. I know they dig in the substrate looking for food. Which is good for the plants i have and will help with water parameters. I want 3 in each tank I have. I know the craws could end up eating the snails. But...
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