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    Snail might be dying

    The snail ended up dying. He was hanging even his mouth outside of the shell. I got another snail. Made sure it was very active and eating, made sure it was removed properly and it was eating and zooming around my tank for 3 days. I found it this morning upside down having fallen off the glass...
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    Snail might be dying

    So, it's been another few days. I've picked him up and moved him again. He hasn't moved in the tank at all. But he must still be alive because he doesn't smell and despite not moving he keeps his trapdoor open until I poke him or pick him up then he hides again (though slowly) and slowly opens...
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    Snail might be dying

    I'm trying to figure out if the nerite snail I got for my 3-gallon betta tank might be dying. Ammonia: 0.25 (a false reading as my 10 gallon is also this way and has been for months), Nitrite: 0, Nitrate: 5. He was allowed to float in his bag for about 30 minutes for temperature adjustment, was...
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    New fry, unsure who mated?

    The platy is definitely a boy. When I'd gotten him, I got a second mickey mouse without realizing it was a girl and separated her a bit late. I have 6 female mickey babies in another tank with her now. Here's a picture of the boy though. Here's the pictures I could get of the fry. Looks orange...
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    New fry, unsure who mated?

    They've all been in there for months except the two guppies, who were more recent. How long can they hold onto them for?
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    New fry, unsure who mated?

    I have a 10-gallon tank with a number of fish in it and just found a small orange fry. I'm completely lost as to who may have mated. There is a female swordtail, a male mickey mouse platy, a male yellow snakeskin guppy, a male(?) pink tuxedo guppy, a female albino cory, and a female peppered...
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    Bought new plant

    Looks like Anubis. I've had one in my tank for a bit over a month and it's just started getting new leaves. Rather slow growers, though I have a low-tech set-up which makes it even slower.
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    10 Gallon Tank White Cloudy Water

    But then if you have 0 of everything (ammonia, nitrite, and nitrates) then isn't the tank considered uncycled? Without signs of nitrates, doesn't that mean the ammonia you get isn't being broken down? Or am I misunderstanding something?
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    10 Gallon Tank White Cloudy Water

    You should be adding chemicals when you do water changes to keep your levels where they should be. I use Seachem products so I add Stability when I do water changes and Prime, especially if there are any Ammonia and Nitrites. Most will say on them to add them when doing water changes. It'll help...
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    10 Gallon Tank White Cloudy Water

    I would keep doing water changes. It could just be a bacteria bloom which will go away on its own. As long as the levels are okay it shouldn't be an issue. The bubbles are from the betta though, trying to make a bubble nest. My betta does the same. It means they're happy and healthy! I'm not...
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    29 Gallon Tank Betta fish, behaviour normal?

    My sister's betta likes to just chill on top of her internal filter. It could just be the betta resting as they do like to just sit on things when they don't want to swim. You can try offering a floating log or something similar to see if it would rather rest in that if it's worrying you. I...
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    Preggo or not??

    That fish is a boy. You can tell by looking at that fin on the bottom. If it's a fan, it's a girl. If it's thin, it's a boy.
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    Help cycling

    I'm not entirely sure what you're asking. Snails do tend to multiply like crazy so your best bet would be move one of the adult snails out and destroy as many of the eggs as possible and keep doing so. My sister has 3 tanks that are all infested with snails because she ended up getting two...
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    Female betta acting funny

    My sister has a betta tank as do I and we've discovered that her betta is fine with the tetra in the tank because they were in there first then she added the betta. We tried to add a Mickey Mouse platy and her betta was flaring at it and nipping at the cup we had the platy in (as a test to see...
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    Which Carpeting plant?

    I've got a much smaller tank (3-gallon) with Dwarf Sag. that I'm getting to carpet. It's low-tech (the only light is what came with the tank) and with sand substrate. I have root tabs and dose once a week with Leaf Zone and a CO2 liquid booster. It is spreading, but slowly so you will have to be...
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    So frustrated with nitrogen cycle

    I've literally been having the same problem with my tanks. I've got a 3 gallon and a 10 gallon that have been at 0.25 ammonia and 10-20 nitrates with 0 nitrites for over 2-3 months now. That 0.25 ammonia just did not go away and I decided to add fish more fish (I did a fish-in cycle for an...
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    Small black bugs in 3 gallon betta tank

    Are they harmless to fish and snails? When I looked up more pictures, that is what they all look like.
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    Small black bugs in 3 gallon betta tank

    I went to do a water change and clean up any debris on the bottom of my betta tank today and found these small, black bugs (dead, from what I could see) on the gravel. The newest thing in the tank is some Monte Carlo I had shipped to me but I didn't see any bugs on it when I got it. Not sure...
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    What are Your Strategies to Keep from Stirring Up the Substrate

    I have glass saucers that I put on the bottom of my 3 gallon and 10 gallon and it doesn't stir up the sand or gravel for me. If I'm lazy and don't want to fit it in there though, I just pour it slowly over the decor to keep it from moving substrate.
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    Are plants necessary?

    Plants aren't necessary but they can be nice and I found they hold up better than some of the fake plant decor I get from the store (the glue tends to loosen and detach the fake plant from the base). There are some easy, hard-to-kill plants you can try, but if you want a lot of plants or a large...
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