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    Fishless cycle

    Good Morning, I've been doing my fishless cycle now since 3/6/21 and my ammonia has never dropped to zero in this time, and for the last few day it's been 2ppm on every rest, I've got 0 Nitrite and 5.0 Nitrate showing, I've got a Juwel190 tank with the built in Bioflow filter which consists of...
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    Spike in Ammonia

    I'm a bit confused why I would all of a sudden have a spike in Ammonia without adding any for a while it's gone from 4ppm to 10ppm over night I've attached my readings of Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate below any help will be appreciated. Thank you
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    Is this brown stuff algea??

    Hello I'm in the process of a fishless cycle and I've woken up this morning with a load of brown stuff over my rock, ornaments and sand any ideas why this would be happening? There's also a fair bit of algae starting to show. Thanks
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    40 Gallon Tank Stocking

    Good morning. Would like a little help on stocking, my new 190l tank isn't ready yet for fish as currently doing a fishless cycle which I'm 2 weeks into now, I was just wondering what community aquariums others have got in their tanks, my kids live colours and that's what we want in our new...
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    Fishless Cycle

    Hi, I need some advice please. I started my fishless cycle on 3/6/21 started at 4ppm, in a Juwel190 tank, 9/6/21 it dropped to 2ppm so topped it back up to 4ppm, same on the 15/6/21, I started having Nitrite up until the 19/6/21 and now nothing, it seems to have gone back to 0 from 2.0, on the...
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