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  1. salera

    Petco Aquarium Sale Coming

    I have my 26 bowfront on shelves like those, it sagged some in the middle Anne we were testing (all weight in one spot) so we put plywood over the top to help disperse the weight
  2. salera

    Snails Gone Bad

    even if you take everything and dry it once the snail eggs get wet again they will hatch. Assasin snails are good, depending on what else is in there, there are some copper based snail killers. It can make your water crash using those though. I agree with @scarface about the snail traps!
  3. salera

    What Is Wrong With Crossbreed Shrimp?

    Are you talking about different species or just different color variations? If you are meaning Neocardina davidi than when they cross colors it will typically result in the wild var. so you lose the colors that you had. As for cross breeding (breeding separate species together) From what I have...
  4. salera

    Anyone Here Like To Cook/bake?

    I used to live near a huge Asian food market and would cook it all the time Fried tofu is the best! My husband doesn't like it so I cook it way less now There are tons of vegetable centric dishes or ones that use very little meat which is great when you are on a budget!
  5. salera

    Question What Other Pets Do You Have?

    Hey, So a couple of the other threads got me curious what pets do you guys have? I have 3 dogs, boxer-lab, husky-lab, chihuahua-miniature pinscher, I also have 1 cat, and 1 horse.
  6. salera

    Anyone Here Like To Cook/bake?

    I love both cooking and baking! I'm lucky my husband can't cook but loves when I do so he basically does all the dishes. Since we don't have a dishwasher its actually quite a bit of a chore! I made lemon poppy seed scones yesterday! They are so delicious! I will probably make some banana bread...
  7. salera

    Fitness Nuts?

    Horseback riding is awesome! The best workout while riding is doing two point for a while, there is nothing like that exercise! Do you usually ride english or western? I've had my old man for 14 years, so he is definitely my baby. I don't get to ride him as much now (mainly he is retired). He...
  8. salera

    Getting Engaged!!

  9. salera

    Clean-up Crew For Dwarf Puffers?

    The only ones I've kept in a smaller tank are blue rams. Green terrors are my personal favorite but they need a bigger tank. I think most types of dwarf cichlids would be fine. Apistos are fairly docile from what I know but the only Dwarf's I have kept personally are blue rams
  10. salera

    Clean-up Crew For Dwarf Puffers?

    What about the hanging baskets, have you tried those? I'm not sure that puffer fish would use them but I know they have worked well for me with cichlids who hated anything else in their tanks.
  11. salera

    Clean-up Crew For Dwarf Puffers?

    you could get snails, breed them in another tank and put them in with the DP the DP will eventually eat them though. I have heard some people say they leave larger snails alone so maybe a couple good sized ramshorn and let them breed in with the DP.
  12. salera

    Blackwater Tank - Advice And Tips

    Hey, cool to hear someone else is setting this up as well! I am not really planning to breed so plan to stick with mainly tetras and shrimp I think. I am doing a more S. American type for fish though. What stuff do you plan on using for leaf litter to get the blackwater? or do you plan on using...
  13. salera

    Cory In Bad Shape

    I don't think they saw that you got 6 more tetras at the same time as the cory. Do you have a qt tank or something you can set up? usually injured fish get picked on even more.... have you seen either the guppy or the tetras hanging around the cory? Also I can't see the whole tank but make sure...
  14. salera

    My 3.5 Gallon

    Yes it will work and the betta is sure to love it! if you don't leave it free floating you may have to replant it some though! As long as that doesn't bother you you're good!
  15. salera

    My 3.5 Gallon

    They would like that too, just try to make sure you also have a place for them to rest on things like one of those fake betta leaves or something with a larger leaf is great for that. IME a lot of bettas will pull up hornwort but they still like it. Most fish including bettas love to have tons...
  16. salera

    Flame Tetra??

    Flame tetras have a vertical stripe not a horizontal one. I don't think they are bloodfin's the dorsal fin is too long. They look like rosy tetras IMO
  17. salera

    Clarification On Cycling/water Changes

    I see what you mean from the photos, I would add more stuff to the tank but keep the plants as well, just place them in the water you are going to keep and replant them. There really isn't enough cover in that but you can usually add them around other stuff.
  18. salera

    Cloudy Tank.. No Fish.. Cycle Not Started?

    Ok I just wanted to make sure they weren't the clear type that most people use! The black ones should be fine! I was more wondering if it was dirt or a type of aquasoil which has organic matter and could have accounted for it. If you are using any wood that is the only other thing I can think...
  19. salera

    Need Help, My Cory Cats Are Dying

    I would wait, I would keep an eye on him and if he starts doing better you could get another but if he is still being lethargic than I wouldn't. They will be fine for a while without a school.
  20. salera

    Clarification On Cycling/water Changes

    I am sure given the length of time he has been in there it is cycled, if you are wanting to replace the substrate just make sure you keep the filter wet in dechlorinated water and that should keep good bacteria. If he's used to live plant you might want to keep them they are really good for...

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