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  1. N0body Of The Goat

    60 Gallon Tank Ameca Splendens, the Butterfly Goodeid

    I'm half-toying with the idea of a mid-upper fish for my tank, to go between African Butterfly Fish and the Humphead Glassfish. If it was going to happen, it needs to be a small group of fish, absolutely no more than 4 in the group. I'm getting the impression, but still unsure, whether this...
  2. N0body Of The Goat

    60 Gallon Tank Any other Yellowtail Congo Tetra (Alestopetersius Caudalis) owners?

    I brought home a group of six of these guys yesterday for my growing Myanmar/ West Africa theme of unusual fish... I was curious about whether anyone else has any and if so, would you recommend that I buy the remaining 5 from the LFS to boost their numbers?
  3. N0body Of The Goat

    60 Gallon Tank Otocinclus Cocama (Zebra Oto): Any owner these days?

    There's a post about these guys further down the front page from December 2009, where no-one owned up to actually owning them... I'm wondering if this has changed in the last five months and how you have found them? I'm seriously (no really, this is not another one of my "wishlist fish for...
  4. N0body Of The Goat

    Help I've just spotted several baby fish-like critters in my newly cycled tank!

    Spring is definitely in the air at my place today in the Rio 240... This morning I found a baby Rabbit Snail (I have 7 adults that arrived last Friday) and a baby Ramshorn Snail (yet I have no Ramshorn, just some Bladder Snails that came home with the plants). In the last ten minutes I've...
  5. N0body Of The Goat

    60 Gallon Tank The first bit of great news about my Rabbit Snails

    This morning, during breakfast, I discovered we have a new baby Yellow Antennae or Choclate Orange Spotted in the tank! I shall add a photo later on, after work...
  6. N0body Of The Goat

    Help Pearl Danios have white spots

    I bought my first fish last Sunday, six Pearl Danios, who seem to have settled in well to my Rio 240. However, I think I have my first fish illness to deal with already... One Danio has 2 ~1mm spots (one on mouth, one of right flank, first noticed 2 days ago when not as intense) One Danio has...
  7. N0body Of The Goat

    60 Gallon Tank Rhomb Barbs?

    I was wondering if anyone here kept this species? Are they really regarded as peaceful barbs like the Cherry variety, albeit a little bigger (6cm)? Do they munch on algae as I have read on the interweb?
  8. N0body Of The Goat

    60 Gallon Tank Indian Redtail Squirrel Loaches?

    I was wondering if anyone has any of these interesting looking guys? Are they more active than Kuhlis? How have you found them in a community setup?
  9. N0body Of The Goat

    60 Gallon Tank Green Barred Danios (Opsarius Pulchellus)

    One of my LFS has a pair of what they decribe as "Royal Opsarius" which has taken me the best part of a week to find out that Opsarius Pulchellus is slightly more commonly known as the Green Barred Danio. Apparently, these two lovely guys have been in stock for at least six months, which...

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