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  1. Ejcsw

    55 Gallon Tank Fish Dying

    Hi have a question. I USED MY API KIT. As you can see my ph is 6.0. According to my book angels like 6.5 to 6.8. I talked with the store they said 6.0 is fine. That is what there tanks are set at and the same is said for other stores in my city. No my nitrate s are off alittle too. No matter...
  2. Ejcsw

    55 Gallon Tank Need Help From Someone Who Knows Alot About Angelfish.

    I had a male silver/black angel. After many years he passed. But before he did I got a female koi angel. I have seen them lay eggs. So I got a marble angel. Unknown sex. Here is the strange thing. If I have the white plant light one the marble will keep pecking at the koi. If I have the blue...
  3. Ejcsw

    Is My Tank Cycling Properly?

    HI, Just wondering if it looks like my tank is cycling properly. Here are the API water test numbers. Have one angelfish. no rocks. three airstones. Fluval 305 for a 50 gal. Heater. one moss ball. Date PH Am Nitrite Nitrate 11/9 6.0 1.0 0 0 11/13 7.2 2.0 0...
  4. Ejcsw

    Looking To Turn 50 Gal Into A Planted Tank.

    HI, recently I had to get rid of my rocks and other decor. So now I am thinking of turning my 50 gal. into a planted tank. I have never done this before. Can someone walk me through it? Thanks. My tank dim. are 18" tall 12" wide and 4 ft. long. my light is Aquaneat. I have one angelfish. would...
  5. Ejcsw

    Can Anyone Explain This To Me? Api Ammonia Readings

    Need help. Problem with ammonia levels. todays reading are PH - 6.0. Ammonia - 6.0, Nitrite - 0 and Nitrate 5.0. I have just finished thoroughly cleaning both tank (50) and rebuilding my fluval 305. It has been couple of days no fish in tank. Why is ammonia out of whack? What can I do. How...
  6. Ejcsw

    Heavy Metals In Water/ Powerhead/ Fish Selection

    I had my water tested at the store. It came up with heavy metals in the water. How do I treat this? How does this affect the water and fish? Any suggestions on a good powerhead for a 50 gal tropical tank? I am trying to be a better tropical fish person. What are some fish that would go with...
  7. Ejcsw

    Need Help Broken Handle On Fluval 305

    NEED HELP! Husband broke handle off of our Fluval 305 part A20060. Need to find out how to get it off. Looked on No luck there.

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