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    37 gal with 10gal sump

    I am currently starting a brand new 37 gal tank with a 10 gal sump, I am new to the salt water gig and need recommendations on a protien skimmer. I want the smallest, due to 10 gallon sump, but most effective protein skimmer with $200, any ideas?
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    10 gallon sump build

    Hey, just picked up a 10 gallon tank of craigslist and plan on making it into a sump for my 37 gallon reef project. I am new to this hobby and had a few questions! Heres what i plan to do: i want my sump to be at least 3 chamberer, first one a nice skimmer, second one a refugium, and the...
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    First Time, 37 gal FOWLR with sump refuge

    First of all, first post ever! I have been reading this site non stop for about 2 weeks now. This site rocks! I have learned more here then my last 2 weeks of upper level college courses! Thank you!.. I have recently received a 37 gallon tank and stand as gift! I have grown up with fresh...

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