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    Help 20 Gallon Long Stocking Capacity!

    Hello! So I've been putting the parts together for a 20 gallon long system and all that's left is to put it together. So here comes the all important question: what do I put in it? I've been thinking and I think I've decided on: 15 neon tetras 5-7 celestial pearl danios 9-11 pygmy corydoras...
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    Qt Tank For Three Guppies

    Hello! I'm trying to setup three QT tanks for 1, 2 and 3 guppies. What volume do you think would be enough for these number of guppies? I have access to 2.3 gallon container would this be enough? I'd like to do water changes once a week.
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    Ammonia Is Constant

    Hello! I have 6 female guppies in my 10 gallon tank and an API master test kit. I set up this tank about a month ago with some java fern, corkscrew val, frogbit and java moss. I put in some fluval bacteria and it seems to have been completely useless. I have done a couple of water changes but...
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    Anacharis In Kit Lighting

    Hey I have a marineland 10g aquarium and I'd like to add some anacharis. I've read that the plant needs medium light. I was wondering if I could get away with the light that comes with the kit? This is the link to the tank:
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    Using Turtle Dechlorinator

    Hey I'm buying a Gh/Kh test kit from a guy and he's going to throw in an "". Would it be safe to use in a betta/tetra/shrimp tank? Thanks for the input!
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    Copper Sulfate In Api Algae Eater Wafer Safe For Shrimp?

    Hi guys! I recently purchased some of the API algae eaters in the hopes that I could feed them to my shrimp. However, I just looked at the ingredients list and found copper sulfate in it. I know that RCS are sensitive to copper, so would this be harmful to them? Don't have shrimp yet but I...
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    Starting My 10 Gallon Tank

    Hi! I purchased a 10 gallon marineland starter tank kit (found here: Marineland® 10 Gallon BioWheel LED Aquarium Kit | fish Starter Kits | PetSmart). I started to cycle the tank after adding some declinator by putting in some fish food, beneficial bacteria and running the filter (Bio-wheel...

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