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    Great looking tank...WELCOME ABOARD !!!
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    Comment by 'HORNET1' in media 'DIY-Tank-Assembled-Front'

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    I Have A 125 Gallon Tank And My Fish Are Dying All Af A Sudden

    This is my biggest beef concerning canister filters. It seems that people who use them often tend to neglect regular maintenance. Don't get me wrong, cans are great (I have one) but, they do require more frequent cleaning than 7 month intervals, IMO. BTW: WELCOME TO FISHLORE
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    Do You Have Any Weird Animals?

    OMG...Here she comes!!! :nailbiting:
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    Do You Have Any Weird Animals?

    A man after my own heart :smug:
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    Do You Have Any Weird Animals?

    My mother-in-law is coming to visit for a month. Does that count?
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    Hurricane Survival!

    Bless you, Goldie. Many folks are still suffering from the after-effects of Florence. I think of them and pray for them every day. I hope all continues to be well for you and yours.
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    How Many Of You Actually Quarantine?

    I seldom purchase new fish, but when I do... I buy from one trusted source and I do not quarantine. My source quarantines and medicates all new stock before placing them for sale to the public. I've never experienced a problem.
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    Show off your fish tank!

    I'm the world's worst photographer, but I'm trying.
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    What Type Of Fish Should I Add To 20 Gal High Tank That Has 5 Long Finned Zebra Danios And 5 Corys?

    I think Dwarf Gouramis are beautiful fish, but they are definitely prone to disease. Most of them are already infected with DG Disease when you bring them home, IMO. Sometimes it shows up sooner rather than later. That's why I don't keep them. Good luck with yours
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    Question No Arms In The Aquarium!

    So much for "FREEDOM"...Right?
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    Is The Topfin Filter Any Good?

    Quite frankly, I think TopFin products are of subpar quality, but that's just a matter of personal preference. At the lower end of the price points, I much prefer Aqueon over TopFin.
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    Name Brand Knockoffs

    Have you ever purchased a name brand knockoff (anything) and if your answer is "YES", What was it?
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    Random Thoughts

    Speaking of knockoffs ... I'm about to post a new thread.
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    I Have A Question

    Hatchet fish
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    Random Thoughts

    I haven't seen them, but based upon your description and the current market, they should be worth at least a couple hundred bucks
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    Anyone Ever Heard Of These Lights?

    Interesting... I seldom watch Dustin even though I subscribe to his channel. He gets on my nerves...LOL. Having said that, I would not be afraid of these lights based upon his recommendation.
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    Random Thoughts

    That's the latest fashion style. Don't you know that? Throw a little Duck Tape on 'em and you'll be stylin' & profilin'

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