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    Dwarf Mbuna 40 Gallon?

    I've tried to do a planted tank but have realised unless you spend alot of money it's hard to achieve a good Scape . Smaller planted tanks are the way to go. So I'm looking into dwarf mbuna species only. I know they only get to around 4" max depending on the species . My tank is 40 gallon...
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    Duckweed And Current ?

    I always seem to be suffering from high nitrates and the duckweed I've added to my tank has done wonders. I've recently added an aquael pump to my aquarium which is attached to a sponge filter . Before I was just using the sponge filter . The aquael pump is causing the top of the water to move...
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    Should I Do A Water Change?

    How long has it been cycled and how long after did you add fish ? What happens is your filter only produces enough beneficial bacteria to cope with the bio-load of your stock . That's why your meant to increase your stocking slowly so that your filter can multiply and handle the load .
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    Should I Do A Water Change?

    Do a water change just a precaution and test it later on. After the water change turn off the lights . It should calm down your fish and let them settle in .
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    Help Help Me Please!!!

    How long has the tank been up and running for ? How long are the lights kept in for, does the tank have access to sunlight ? How often are water changes done ?
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    Betta Problem

    Some Bettas are just lazy . I had one that use to lean against the intake of the filter . Do as above says ,do a water change and monitor the Betta . It could of been the temperature has dropped to low. Are the gills moving rapidly ? The male Bettas fins are clamped ?
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    Ammonia Causing Bubbles/foaming?

    I recently added a new aqua soil TNA into my aquarium . I know much soils leech ammonia for the first few days/weeks . I've added a cycled sponge filter just to speed up the process . The probably I'm having is I am getting foaming/excess bubbles being left on the surface of the water . Is...
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    Understanding Flourite Black?

    So I have a planted tank already . It's just black sand and I've had poor performance with plants mostly stems. I'm looking to try a low tech planted tank with flourite black on my 60l and if everything goes well transition it into my 140l. I want more of an understand of how it works . I...
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    Keeping Lower Part Of Stem Plants Healthy?

    Hi all, I'm looking for advice in keeping stem plants the lower part healthier . I seem to have alot of issues where they seem to die off. Where as I'll watch YouTube and the whole stem plant looks healthy . I'm currently running pressurised co2 in my 140l tank. I have an all pond solution...
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    Celestial Peral Danios Breeding.

    I believe I have 2 pairs of celestial peral danios and I'm looking for something new . They are in a tank with cherry shrimp and some scarlet badis . Should I move the two pairs to a tank of there own with some java Moss and a sponge filter and see if they start breeding ?
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    What Would Happen If A Canister Filter Ran Dry?

    So i'm looking to put a small syphon hole on my inlet tube. So if my external filter springs a leak then only 30 litres or so would come out the tank. What would happen if the motor was to run dry? I know the motor would run to destruction probably overheating and killing the motor. Could it...
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    Changing My Filter Pads For New Ones Would This Affect My Cycle?

    No problem. Just double checking myself before i make a mistake thats all. Thank you.
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    Changing My Filter Pads For New Ones Would This Affect My Cycle?

    Well the canister would be already cycled due to the media that is already cycled? It would just be the new media i'm adding that wouldn't be cycled yet.
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    Changing My Filter Pads For New Ones Would This Affect My Cycle?

    i have a new external filter on its way and the filter pads i am using just now (coarse+med) need replaced due to holes and allowing debris through. If i was to change these out would it affect my cycle ? I will obviously be putting the ceramic rings i have into my new canister so its an...
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    Dwarf Rainbow With A Growth Under Its Mouth

    Would methylene blue be the right course of action or should I use some Esha instead ?
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    Old School. Putting A Hole In The Intake Tubing?

    I'm looking to buy a new filter and I stay with my parents on the 2nd floor. My question is I've seen this done alot with sumo and I know canister filters are made to last but I'm looking at an all pond solution 2000. If I had a leak from my canister and I put a hole in my in take tube to...
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    Dwarf Rainbow With A Growth Under Its Mouth

    Hi all, So recently I've noticed a growth on my dwarf rainbow just under its mouth . I've done some research and seem to think it's cottonmouth ? I've treated the fish in a seperate tank with methylene blue for an hour and spot treated the white growth with a cottonbud and pure methylene blue...
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    Can I Have An Id On This Plant Please .

    Looking for an I'd on this plant please. Thanks.
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    Defective Sodastream Bottle?

    So i've had my co2 system for a couple of months now . It ran out today so i went and got a refill. i've had several refills before. i started tighting it by hand and normally by then i start to hear the gas coming through and see the regulator pressurise. Unfortunately today that wasn't the...
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    Need Your Opinion. Apistogramma Not Eating

    Ammonia = 0 Nitrites = 0 Nitrates = 70 I have not long EI dosed. I suspect the killifish may have TB. The discolouration on the top of the skin and he has become very skinny pretty quick. cant see any ulcers . He is still swimming and eating though. My aspitogramma is still laying on the...

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