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    Two New Angelfish Video!

    Nice tank! I love angels my they are favorite fish ! Congratulations to the new Babies!
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    55 gal w/DIY driftwood stump

    Your tank looks great! Maybe a few more live plants, like amazon sword. They are easy to grow and my angelfish love them!
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    Vote to help me pick fish

    I have a heavy planted 55g community tank. It has 3 angels, black skirt tetras and diamond tetras. I love angel fish they are like puppies and have a lot of personality!
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    Finally satisfied with tank!

    I love it, it is beautiful! I feel like that with my tank right now, it is lush and green. Eventually I get tired of my decorations and start moving it around a bit! My husband thinks I am crazy, but I love change!
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    Do i need CO2?

    I use two Co2 sugar / yeast nutrafin plant system in my 55 g and the plants grow like crazy. It is simple, but for me it really works!
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    60 Gallon Tank snails making me crazy!

    I had a snail problem once. I did the lettuce trap, only fed halve the food and only once a day. I also picked the snails out by hand and it worked! no food source for them like Lynda B mentioned. I also gravel vacuum every week. You are pretty stocked may you should re home your big pleco. I...
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    55 gallon

    here are the pictures of my 55 community tank. Right know it has 3 angelfish, 3 black skirt tetras, 3 diamond tetras and 3 otos and lots of live plants. sorry my pic won't upload!
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    introducing new angelfish

    Hello everybody, I have a 55 gallon tank where I had a pair of angelfish with several different tetras. Sadly my female angel died a couple of months ago. I would like to get a new baby angelfish, what would be the best way to introduce him? I don't really care if they pair up I just would like...
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    Full grown angel sizes- compare

    angel size I have a marbled angelfish for almost 2 years now. he is 4 inch from nose to tail and 6.5 inch from top to bottom. so I guess that is his fully grown size. His "wife" was the same age and was only 3 inch from nose to tail. Sadly she died a few months ago.
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    What are you baking for the holidays?

    I bake a variety of german christmas cookies my mom's and grandma's recipe. Soo yummy and a million calories. But who cares it is the holidays.
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    Question angelfish

    Hi,if the eggs turn white they are not fertilized.
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    Funny Striped? Who... me?

    My striped angel does that too. He changes his color almost from one second to the next.From a dull gold with no stripes to a brilliant gold with black stripes. It seems a mood thing to me. I never seen my marbled ones do it they always stay the same. I just love angelfish they are so cool!
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    Funny When Good Dogs Go Bad!

    My cat also loves fishtank water. He only goes for the water and leaves the fish alone.
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    How many Fancy Guppies could you keep in a 50g???

    They do spaz around. I have 12 fancy male guppies in my 55 with two angelfish and three german blue rams. My gups are turquoise, orange, yellow tuxedo and blue tuxedo. I love the nice color dots they brought to my tank. I think they are neat little fish.
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    New plants!

    Great looking plants. Good look with them.
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    Meet Enzo

    He is gorgeous, they are such good tempered dogs. Great pictures!
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    55 Gallon Tank 4th spawn, hope they get it right this time!

    Thank you for the info. I love the fry pictures they are so cute!
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    55 Gallon Tank 4th spawn, hope they get it right this time!

    No, I have no food for them. Could you recommend some? I am new to this. Never had angelfish fry. If they make it to the wiggler stage what should I feed them? Thank you, Nora.
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    What are your veiws about PetSupermarket Fish?

    I think it all depends how much the people are trained that work there. I had some really nice fish from my pet supermarket and the girl that worked there was very helpful, she had two fish tanks herself so I always could talk to her. Last month she quit and now you can really tell the...
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    55 Gallon Tank 4th spawn, hope they get it right this time!

    Not yet, hopefully I see something tomorrow. Actually since they spawned it is been about 32 hours.

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