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    Showing One Of My Guppies

    I thought I’d share what I think is the most pretty guppy in my tank!This is him! He’s sorta small but his tail is really big and he is a really active fella. I love his tail pattern and his colors. His actual body does contain colors as well but they aren’t obvious.This is the previous...
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    Koi Betta

    I have a Betta that was labeled as a Koi Betta, and I wanted to know if that was really an official tail type of bettas, as I dont really see that type of Betta anywhere on the forums.
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    How Many Guppies Can Be In A 55 Gallon?

    Hey everyone, My guppies are rapidly multiplying in my 55 gallon tank lol, and the fish could almost care less about eating them, so most of them are still alive, happy as can be. As of right now I have 40-50 guppies in there. Most of them are less than 6 months old and a lot of them are only...
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    What’s My Nitrate Reading?

    Hey all, I just tested my water and I can’t tell if my Nitrates are 10ppm or 20ppm or somewhere in the middle. I know they are definitely not 40ppm and I don’t think it is 5ppm. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks!
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    Having An Issue With Simple Solution But Not Realizing The Solution?

    Hage you ever had an issue with your tank or fish and tried nearly everything in the book just to realize the solution to that issue was something so obvious and simple? My issue with an easy fix was with the heater. My temperature in my tank was around 72F. I wanted to raise it a little but...
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    Male Guppy Weird Shaking Behaviour

    I just got 9 new guppies today, 5 boys and 4 girls (don’t worry I already had 2 boys and 6 girls prior the new guppies so I have more girls than boys). Anyway one of my 2 original boys starting doing some weird shaking behavior thing shortly after I introduced the new fish into the tank. He...
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    New Guppy Babies!

    The other day one of my female guppies gave birth to a few fry! The pregnant female surprisingly barely, if at all got any bigger due to the pregnancy. So I’m actually not sure which one gave birth (though I have a feeling it was my adult orange-tailed guppy) So far I’ve managed to find and...
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    Fish Group Photo

    Most of my fish like to come up to the front of the tank to “greet” me (I think they are just waiting for food lol). Anyway they all pile up in one area and I thought I’d grab a shot of them and show you all! The only fish that I have that are in the tank but not in the photo is a neon tetra...
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    Baby Guppy With Black Streaks On Belly - Is This Normal?

    One of my baby male guppies is about 2 months old. He has recently developed 2 black streaks of black color on his belly. I believe it’s just color developing on his belly, but I just wanted to make sure. I would’ve thought he would’ve started gaining color on his body where the tail is, and...
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    When Can I Expect Baby Male Guppies To Start Mating?

    I have 2 baby male guppies that are 2 months old. One of them is more developed than the other. The one that is more developed has his tail almost completely covered with color and is starting to gain color on his body. His gonopodium is also pretty close to being complete. The other male is...
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    Hello, I’m New!

    Hello! I’ve been watching this forum quite a bit for the last couple of weeks and I decided to sign up for it! I’m really happy that this community is kind, helpful, active, and encouraging. I can’t wait to make more posts and help people out to the best of my ability! I have a 55 gallon...

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