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    ADF attack???

    Are ADFs aggresive??? I think my tiny ADF attacked my 2 little cories!!!:-[ The 2 were so good and healthy, until I saw my peppered cory just not moving as much and then the ADF "holding it down" with one of its "paws" (?)!!! The petsmart lady (she knows her stuff)told me that the ADF was...
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    feeding algae waffles caused this???!!!!

    Good morning everyone! I may have made a terrible mistake! I have a betta at work sharing a tank with 2 snails and an ADF. I do feed little pieces of algae waffles to the snails and the ADF and my betta likes it so much that the he flares at the ADF so he could have some of the waffle. Because...
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    Male or female???

    hey guys!!! I was updating my albums when looking at a pic of Iris made me question myself ... maybe "he" is a "she"??? I have had "Iris" since February and he/she hasn't grown much.... Maybe not...maybe he is just a little fellow...
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    King Betta pictures!!! Just to let you know that Petco now has an "Exotic Bettas" area...There were different types of bettas in fearly goodl condition, but when I saw the King Betta!!! OMG!!!! Those fish were the size of 4 regular bettas together and kept in the same size of bowl of the regular...
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    is this how they mate???

    Guys!!! I am trying to download the very short video I got with my 2 snails got into "something"!!! I don't know if they were mating or what??!!! The blue snail got on top of the gold one and didn't move as the gold one was twisting back and forth to get the other one off of he/she...
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    Shedding its shell????

    Hey guys! I have not post anything in a while...but I just noticed that one of my 2 Mystery snails (blue one) is "shedding" its shell!! It looks like is shedding a layer of the shell (light blue) and the dark blue almost black colores shell is the bottom layer...Am I making any sense? Do you...
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    Do you see anything wrong???

    This is one of 3 platties I got on 3/28. It died (do u think it was a male?) 2 days ago.:-\ Out of the 3, he (?) was always the most "calm", swimming in short intervals and becoming active only during feeding times. Then it will just stay on the bottom. Does it look unhealthy to you all? The...
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    Please help!!! Choquing betta!!!

    My gosh!!! I think Carlitos is choking on a couple of pelletes!!!!! OMG!!! What do I do????!!!!
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    New to snails

    Hi guys! I have a 3 gal Eclipse tank at work with a little betta in it. My office has bright lights, plus the light in the lid of the tank has produce ( in my oopinion) the culpit for some brown patches on my fake planrs, gravel and decor as well as little patches on the glass. Do you think...
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    Cursed tank of sick fish???!!!

    Hi guys!!! This is my 1st tank ever!!! Is a 10gal that have been running since January 13 of this year. I started not knowing about fishlesscycling so cycling with fish has been very stressful and caused several death... By now I know, that we make mistakes (I am a NEWBIE!!!) but by now, the...
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    Update on Donnie's fin problem

    Hey guys! Just a litlle update on that thread about Donnie's fin maybe getting savered by the platic plant? I did removed it and I finally can see some somebody told me here, the new fin will grow red, so is funny to see his blue color and then the red from the new growth... I...
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    Look at him!!!

    Good morning guys!!! I had to show Ugh... He was 1 of 2 cups left at the shelf on sale for $1.99...His "belly" fin was already "knoted" but I had to take him home... I didn't do it for his beauty, like many of us, we just love these little creatures and feel so bad for them...The day after...
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    Fin problem?

    Hi guys! Newbie here needing some good advise... This is Donnie. I have him in a divided heated and filtered 10gl tank. Latest water levels are Ammo:0.25,Nitrites 0 and Nitrates 10-20. Tank is been running since February 6. I feed them a varierity of foods, flakes, Omega One for Bettas, once a...
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    Hello there!

    Just to say hello and thank you for having me!!!

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